He set fire to his own car so that he would not be held after arguing with the police (+ Video)

A strange incident occurred in the province of Mendoza Argentina, after a man set his car on fire after arguing with a policeman. The officer planned to impound the vehicle for not having the necessary documentation.

Consequently, the driver of the car and his father were arrested for the incident.

This happened this Thursday in the morning hours in Tupungato, Mendoza. The subject circulated through Brown and Monseñor Fernández streets, aboard his fiat palio when he suffered a car engine fire.

The fire was quickly put out by area firefighters. Everything began to go wrong when a patrol car arrived warned by a “vehicle fire beginning”.

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At that time, the driver was asked for the papers of the Fiat while they investigated the causes of the fire in the mill.

However, the young man was upset by the situation, since he assured that “he had just taken the car out of the workshopand then it caught fire.

At the request, the owner became violent and refused to deliver the documentation, according to a Chronicle review.

The prosecution confirmed that the driver did not have a green card or insurance, so they determined that the car would be stopped.

Until “Firefighters did the expertise to determine how the fire started in the engine, in case this man later wanted to act against the man from the workshop, and after that he had to present the relevant documentation to remove it, a simple procedure”.

The measure was not well received by the man, so when he noticed that the policemen were moving his car, along with the father, he began to spray it with gasoline.

This incident was recorded on video, which has been broadcast on social networks and where the driver can be seen taking advantage of the carelessness of the officers to set it on fire and avoid being detained.

Both were reduced and transferred to Police Station 20, where they were brought to justice.

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