Hispanic woman lost her arm after being run over by a hit-and-run driver in Texas

A young Hispanic mother lost her arm after undergoing 12 life-saving operations after being hit by a drunk driver in Texas.

Queen Valerius is the name of the mother of four children, who had a medical report confirming that she lost an arm, had 11 broken bones and underwent 12 operations after a accident caused by possible drunk driver.

This terrible story took place in the month of February, when Reina was traveling with her husband and four children on the block 2700 East Sam Houston Toll Road N. at Market Street Exit.

It was at this moment when the wrong-way driver crashed his pickup into the family’s vehicle. Reina suffered serious injuries and was airlifted to a local hospital. His 4-year-old son also suffered head injuries.

“I was totally unconscious, they had to take me to the hospital by helicopter because I arrived almost dead and I lost my left arm, I had 11 broken bones and 12 surgeries”Valerio says.

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The Harris County Sheriff’s Office Precinct 8 statement through social media specified that “The driver got out of the truck and fled on foot, the man was described as Hispanic, of a slim build who on the day of the accident was wearing a black hoodie, gray shirt and blue jeans.”

Eight months after the accident, still local police have failed to identify the suspect, so he remains a fugitive.

“It’s not fair that this man is living his life and I can’t even comb my girls’ hair here because I’m missing my arm and he’s happy with life who knows where”said the woman and asks that justice be done.

He also assured that on several occasions he has called the authorities to demand that the person responsible for what happened to him pay for what he did, however, he has not received a response.

“The case remains active and the suspect in the accident has not yet been identified or charged. The investigators work on the tracks and await the results of the laboratory where the tests are being analyzed”indicates the statement.

The mother has managed to get ahead, despite what happened and assures that her family is her main support.

“Don’t give up because life is very beautiful, even if we have a little piece of us, for me, my children and my husband are my engine to move forward, giving up and being there sad for me is useless because that does not gonna bring my arm back”he concluded.

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