Honda Civic 2023 passes the “moose” test with flying colors (+VIDEO)

2023 Honda Civic passes the maneuvering test (moose test) on dry soil at a speed between 70 and 80 km/h between cones with great success.

2023 Honda Civic Passes Moose Test

The 2023 Honda Civic without being TypeR Maybe not as attractive but stable on the road.


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The Civic e:HEV it behaves very well on the track as we see in the test carried out by,


This model for the European market has significant differences from the model for the United States. It has 18″ wheels, equipped with performance tires 235/45 Michelin Pilot Sport 4.


The liftback white in color, it has a cycle gasoline engine atkinson 2.0-liter along with two electric motors and a small package of lithium ion battery.

It has a configuration with thermal efficiency of 41%, which is perhaps not the most important thing in this test.

During the cone test, the model got a top speed of 48 miles per hour (77 kilometers per hour), much higher than other cars. Picking up speed, the vehicle remains stable and easily controlled, even though the driver hits the cones in the corners.

This unit felt quite heavy to maneuver, according to the driver. And in this configuration, the Civic e:HEV It weighs 3,344 pounds (1,517 kilograms), though the steering remains stable.

The car maintained good grip in the slalom test. In the video you can see the results of this test.

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