Honda e:N2 prototype shows a preview of the next electric models that will be marketed exclusively in China (+IMAGES)

A prototype Of the brand Sling e:N2 provides a preview of upcoming electric vehicles that will be sold only in China.

Honda e:N2 shows its prototype

the signature Sling is reinforcing its electric models for China, one of the largest markets worldwide for units of this type. Last year, a set of display models called e:N Concepts.


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The marketing of these Electric SUVs e:NS1 and e:NP1 started at the beginning of this year. It is currently launching the concept e:N2which will be concept model for the second set of e:N series models to be marketed exclusively in the Republic of China through the joint ventures Dongfeng Honda Y GAC Honda. The prototype reached the public in the Fifth China International Import Expo in Shanghai.


The e:N2 Concept Part of e:N GT Concept, one of five China-exclusive electrified models, featuring a sharper, bolder look with sharp lines and futuristic lighting elements. It arrives in a dark metallic shade.


Although it is not certain, it may be that it arrives with four doors, with a different body style, something “not belonging to any existing category”according to the signature.

Although the brand has not shown the interior of the model, it is thought that it will arrive with a clean digital cabin and features focused on the passenger.

The e:N2 Concept is made on the e:N Architecture F exclusive to the models of the e:N series. Its design provides unique experiences to the driver.

The firm hopes to launch 10 e:N Series models in China for the future year 2027, assembled in production plants dedicated to electric units. all models of Sling in China will be hybrids after the year 2030 or full EVs and by 2040, everything will be electric.

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