How can you know if your car has a sticker… even if the DGT has told you no?

Since January 1, with the entry into force of the Low Emission Zones, thousands of drivers have to wear the environmental label of the General Directorate of Traffic to be able (or not) to drive through these areas. Many of them had not consulted the assigned badge and when they did, they found a surprise: they had a different one… or even a different one. his car had a sticker, even though the DGT had said no. And you, do you know how to check it?

Environmental labeling is the filter used in the 149 cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants that, at the beginning of this year, activated their LEZs. It is not a new system, since was launched seven years ago, in 2016, when Traffic chose it as a method to classify the national car park: to elaborate each category they were based on the date of registration, which usually coincides with the Euro standard that is in force at that time.

Euro standard

However, the Provision 3828 states that This cataloging has to be carried out taking into account the emission regulations of the car, the Euro standard. It is a more reliable formula because, sometimes, it does not coincide with the year of registration because the purchase of the vehicle occurs some time later. Reason why, when the DGT sent the stickers, mistakes were made and there were some absences.

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as a guide, Category A cars (those that do not have a badge) are usually approved under the Euro 1 and Euro 2 (gasoline) or Euro 1, Euro 2 and Euro 3 (diesel) standards. The B are usually those of the Euro 3 (gasoline) or the Euro 4 and Euro 5 (diesel), while the C would correspond to the Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 (gasoline) and with the Euros 6 (diesel). The Eco (hybrids, microhybrids and gas) and the Zero (electric and plug-in hybrids) do not usually have this problem.

How to claim your label?

As we said, these equivalences are indicative: the most reliable way to know which Euro standard corresponds to your vehicle is consult the technical sheet of the same (it is normal that the homologation appears on it) or identify the frame number and call the manufacturer. Another way is the tag search engine that the DGT has available on its website: by entering the car’s license plate, we will know what our badge is… but the safest methods are the two previous ones.

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If the DGT sticker corresponds to you, but Traffic shows the opposite, you can solve it. You will have to ask the brand for the Euro standard certificate of your car and this document is not usually free, they will probably charge you for it: the figure will depend on each manufacturer.

With it in your possession, you will have to go to the ITV so that update the technical sheet and from there, to the Traffic Department: for this last step you must request an appointment because it can only be carried out in person. The procedure falls within ‘Annotations of any class’ and in 2022, it cost 8.67 euro.

Where can you buy the DGT sticker?

With all the updated information, it is time to buy the environmental label. It costs five euros and is available at Post offices, workshops and agencies: To obtain it, it will be enough to present the vehicle’s circulation permit.

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Remember that you must place it in the lower right corner of the front windshield and if your vehicle is a motorcycle, in a perfectly visible place. The obligatory nature of their presence will depend on the municipal ordinance of each city council, which also establishes the amount of the fine in case of not carrying it.

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