How do I know what coolant my car uses?

How do I know what coolant my car uses?

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How do I know what coolant my car uses?

Antifreeze or coolant is a liquid based on chemical components, they are available on the market in different colors, it is placed in the coolant tank with the purpose of helping to regulate the temperature of the car’s engine, in extreme weather conditions. How do I know what refrigerant my car uses? The antifreeze has the mission of circulating from the radiator and reaching the engine blocks to maintain an adequate temperature, allowing correct operation. It is important to comply with the specifications indicated in the owner’s manual, but here we tell you much more than you want to know regarding this vital liquid in the life of the car.

How do I know what coolant my car uses?
How do I know what coolant my car uses?

types of antifreeze

Currently on the market there are various types of antifreezewhich we will detail in the next paragraphs, the differences and what the color of each indicates.

The antifreeze or coolant, 50-50 is high concentration, for its use it must be mixed with distilled water, before filling the radiator or coolant tank. This type of 50-50 antifreeze or coolant is a pre-mixed antifreeze and water.

to use the antifreeze, the required mixing ratio must be taken into account, which will depend on climatic conditions. If you have, for example, a 50-50 mixture, it is perfect for protection against freezing temperatures of approximately -30 degrees Fahrenheit. In case If you live in places with extremely freezing temperatures, you should use a 60-40 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water..

Important note: do not fill the coolant or radiator tank with 100% antifreeze. The liquid can freeze to 10 degrees Fahrenheitinstead of -30 degrees if it does. Do not mix antifreeze with tap water. Drinking water contains some dissolved chloride, some chemicals that cause problems in the refrigeration system.

Knowing the different types of car coolant and their different colors helps prevent using the wrong coolant for one engine with another.. On the other hand, the color of the antifreeze or coolant indicates when this liquid may be contaminated or its useful life has reached the end. The types of antifreeze that we will be mentioning are:

  • IAT (Inorganic Acid Technology)

How do I know what coolant my car uses?
How do I know what coolant my car uses?

It is the most archaic type of antifreeze or coolant, its hue is bright green. Almost all car manufacturers abandoned the use of this coolant in 1994, however, Ford Motor continued its use until 2002.

On the other hand, European and Asian car manufacturers did not continue to use this type of antifreeze in the 1990s. IAT antifreeze contains silicates and phosphates, making them ideal for running copper or aluminum radiators and iron engine blocks. molten.

Manufacturers recommend flushing, or changing the coolant, once every two years or 57,900 kilometers (36,000 miles). Not taking this recommendation into account, and continuing with the coolant for a long time, leads to decreased efficiency, affecting the performance of the cooling system. IAT cooling hampers the heater core, if not flushed or changed.

  • OAT (Organic Acid Technology)

How do I know what coolant my car uses?
How do I know what coolant my car uses?

The organic acid technology antifreeze, they are usually made in colors: blue, orange, red or dark green. Does not contain silicates or phosphate compounds. Ideal for cars made after 1994, they offer an extended lifespan of up to 150,000 miles (241,400 kilometers) or five years. Although, the recommended antifreeze for the car should be checked.

  • HOAT (Hybrid Organic Acid Technology)

How do I know what coolant my car uses?
How do I know what coolant my car uses?

Hybrid Organic Acid Technology Antifreeze is a blend of IAT and OAT antifreeze. Usually, its colors are: yellow, blue, purple, pink or turquoise. HOAT antifreeze is great for modern Chrysler, Asian and European cars. The aforementioned antifreeze or engine coolants are ideal for use in gasoline engines as well as diesel.

What kind of antifreeze does my car use?

How do I know what coolant my car uses?
How do I know what coolant my car uses?

The RIAT coolants are compatible for cars manufactured before 1994while, those marked OAT is perfect for cars manufactured after 1994. Speaking of HOAT is a hybrid of IAT and OAT refrigerants. It is used particularly in modern Chrysler vehicles and Asian and European cars.

Generally all cars come from the factory with an antifreeze or coolant placed in the radiator. So it is important to comply with this type and color of fluid during the life of the car. Though the car manufacturer will indicate in the owner’s manual, this type of antifreeze to use. Should you ever be unable to find the specified type of antifreeze or coolant, it is best to visit your dealer for the necessary information.


Each antifreeze is specially manufactured for each type of engine, so that they continue to function without failure in any extreme weather condition. Finally, it can be concluded, the antifreeze or coolant suggested by the manufacturer must be used, this information is included in the owner’s manual, if you cannot locate the suggested one, seek help from your dealer, who will sell the required one.

Frequent questions

How do I know what kind of coolant my car uses?

The refrigerant the correct way to use the car, you will find it specifically in the owner’s manual. But, if you can’t get this information, you should go to your dealership and buy a coolant or antifreeze. They will sell the correct coolant recommended for your specific car model. Also with the guarantee that they will sell the ideal coolant.

Does it matter what coolant or antifreeze my car uses?

The antifreeze is a vital liquid and each one has its formula to keep an engine running properly. But, you should know the differences between these engine coolants in order to get the right one for your car.

Using the wrong antifreeze in the car can gradually lead to corrosion of the radiator hose, water pumps, radiator and cylinder gaskets.. Which will cause damage to the engine or cooling system components in the long term.

What happens if the wrong color of antifreeze is used?

The color of the antifreeze is used for marketing and identification purposes. Sometimes using the wrong color of antifreeze means that the recommended one is not being used in the car. For example, HOAT coolant uses yellow, pink, purple, blue, or turquoise.

Using bright green when the car manual recommends HOAT coolant means you are using the wrong coolant in the car. It can cause engine overheating and corrosion in some components of the cooling system.

  • What happens if I pour two different types of coolant into my car?

The antifreeze is formulated based on different additives. Mixing two different types means adding some additives that are not compatible. Which will undoubtedly affect the performance of the coolant. Also, it can cause gradual oxidation in the system, which can develop into a significant failure over time.

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