How much does Anuel’s TERRADYNE GURKHA 2022 cost? It’s not what you imagine (+Images)

Price of Anuel’s TERRADYNE GURKHA 2022

Due to the premiere of his new song «El Nene», Anuel AA recently bought a rather unusual vehicle: a Terradyne Gurkha 2022. But contrary to the luxury cars to which he is accustomed, this one is totally different, since it is not an ordinary car, we are talking about the fact that the Puerto Rican artist has added to his car collection a custom civilian tank.

As expected, the blinded car It has been talked about on social networks, and although initially the price was thought to be exorbitant, the reality is totally different. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing how much the Terradyne Gurkha 2022 of Anuelkeep reading, because it’s not what you imagine.

How much does Anuel’s TERRADYNE GURKHA 2022 cost?

The Gurkha LAPVis a vehicle military look homologated for civil use and that has an exterior taken from a combat movie.

This civilian tank was unveiled through the site Collecting Cars which was offering at auction. The specimen was located in Canada and had to be modified in depth to get to what it is today.

This is what Anuel's TERRADYNE GURKHA 2022 looks like
Image courtesy of El carro Colombian – This is what Anuel’s TERRADYNE GURKHA 2022 looks like

According to El Carro Colombiano, the Gurkha is based on a Ford Super Duty F450, whose original focus was intended for police use or as private security transport. It has an exterior with a minimum rating of armor B4which means that it is an upper resistance.

It is worth mentioning that beyond its imposing appearance, the interior of the Gurkha LAPV It offers all the comforts of a conventional car. The cabin sports elements such as a front panel with touch screen, heated seats and sound system Alpine.

Image courtesy of The Colombian Car – Interior of the TERRADYNE GURKHA 2022

It also has a outdoor and indoor intercom, secondary fuel tank with automatic transfer flow pump (80 gallons), plus 40 gallon primary, winch and FOX shocks. Add a towing capacity with about 7,500kg.

The mechanics of the Gurkha is based on that of the Super Duty, so it has a 335 hp V8 power. The unit being auctioned had 25,335 kilometers and the bidding started in just over $65,500. Contrary to other luxury brand cars like Bugatti either Lamborghini that you have acquired Anuel AApriced at $200,000, this Gurkha It could be one of the most economical and particular vehicles that the interpreter has acquired.

How much does Anuel's TERRADYNE GURKHA 2022 cost?
Image courtesy of El carro Colombian – how much does Anuel’s TERRADYNE GURKHA 2022 cost?


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