How to change a car air conditioning filter

Change the air conditioning filter
Change the air conditioning filter

Much of the cars on the road today were built with a air filter cabin installed. The cabin filter is used to remove outside air contaminants that are brought into the cabin when the fan is on. This air passes through a filter material that is permeable to air, but traps dirt and other things that may be in the air.

But of course, these filters eventually get clogged and you won’t be able to clean the air as effectively, also restricting the flow of it, so here we will tell you how change air conditioning filter of your car:

Steps to change the air filter

1. Open the glove box and remove the limit stop arm

First, you need to open the glove box of the car and take out the contents. The limit stop arm is located on the right side of the glove box. To remove it, you will simply need to slide it off the pin.

Next, hold the front and rear of the glove box, squeezing them towards each other until the side clips release. After the sides are free, you can unfold the entire glove box so that you can see the face plate of the air cleaner channel.

Change the air conditioning filter
Change the air conditioning filter

2. Remove the old cabin air filter

You will then need to lift the latches on the sides of the faceplate and slide them out of the way, opening the filter compartment. You can now remove the old cabin air filter, being careful not to spread dust, dirt, and debris from the filter onto your car. As you remove the old filter, check which way the arrows are facing, as they indicate the direction of airflow.

Change the air conditioning filter

3. Clean the filter chamber

Before installing a new cabin air filter, vacuum the filter chamber and then wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any stray contaminants. You should also check the condition of the gaskets and seals to make sure they don’t need to be changed as well.

Change the air conditioning filter

4. Install the new filter and place the glove box

Finally, you will need to install the filter. Make sure the new air filter matches the old one. Check that the arrows on the new filter point in the same direction as the filter you removed, and slide the new filter in.

Once the filter is in place, all you need to do is replace the faceplate, snap the glove box back into place, install the limit stop, and put everything back in the glove box.

Change the air conditioning filter

Where do I locate the air conditioning filter in the car?

The air filter can be located behind the glove box, under the dash, usually on the passenger side, or under the hood. The filters under the dash they can often be removed without tools, just by opening a small access door.

Instead, the filters under the hood may require removal of other parts. To access them, you may need to remove the hood vent housing, wiper blades, washer bottle, or other items. We recommend that you consult the owner’s manual for more specific information on this.

How often should I change the cabin air conditioning filter?

Replacing the air conditioning filter will only take a few minutes and will help protect your lungs by keeping the air inside your car clean. If you notice that airflow is restricted from the climate control vents while driving, you may want to have your filter checked. In general, it should be replaced every 15,000 to 30,000 miles (24,140 or 48,280 km) or if you notice that they are dirty during an inspection.


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