How to detect if a car has been in an accident

buy a used car is a very good optionbut you must be very careful and check it very well from all sides to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In addition to checking that the car you intend to acquire has all its papers in order, you must be sure that it is mechanically in good condition, that it is aesthetically in excellent condition and that it is nothave never been involved in an accident that you don’t know

Many people are informed that the car they are buying has been in an accident. However, even if the seller told you, it’s good to investigate and discover that everything is true.

How do you know if a used car has been in an accident?

Used cars can be defective due to damage or accidents that occurred in the past. But, it is very important that you know in what type of accidents and of what magnitude it has been.

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Here are some tips you can review to detect if the car has been involved in accidents.

1.- Wrinkled pillars

The car that has crashed before must surely have specific gaps in the panel or inconsistent creases in the pillars. In short, if it’s not uniform, there’s no reason to buy a used car. The secret is behind the doors! If you feel like the pillars can’t properly join or connect the top to the rest of the car, forget about buying such a vehicle as it has had accidents in the past.

Run a gentle hand over the vehicle’s body panels, especially the bumper and fenders. If that’s not in symmetry, chances are you’ve been in an accident before.

2.- It is repainted

The edges of the vehicle, the body panels, the doors of the car, could have been repainted to hide the aftermath of the accident. Other signs can be uneven paint, different textures of fresh and old paint, and slight differences in paint color and texture.

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Any of these signs can help you know if the car really had problems once.

3.- Rusty screws

Let’s just say that rusty bolts and crews can be a great sign telling you about the car’s condition. If chewed or rusty bolts show up, consider it a sign that that specific area of ​​the car has been wrecked.

4.- Frames

Even if they try to cover up the damage from an accident by covering it with a frame. So, they try to fix it by framing the body.

Examine the headlight sconces. If it’s not in good shape or scratched in some way, it’s time to look for another used car. It’s not worth the time and money, actually.


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