How to drive an automatic car

How to drive an automatic car

Automatic vehicles are now commonplace in modern manufacturing. It is because they are less complicated and practical to drive, compared to a manual one. Some versions can consume less fuel, and also maintenance can be cheaper. It is possible that many people are interested in knowing how to drive an automatic carhere we tell you everything you need to know, it is very comfortable and easy, you will only use two pedals (brake and accelerator) and a gear lever.

How to drive an automatic car
How to drive an automatic car

What you should know before driving an automatic car

How to drive an automatic car
How to drive an automatic car

Before you start, you should know that most automatic gearboxes allow you to select “P” parking; “R” reverse; “N” neutral and “D” gear.

  • Parking (P) It only applies when you are stopped and you must get out of the car. This option locks the transmission, to prevent it from moving, although it requires applying the parking brake even when parked.
  • Reverse (R) it has the same function as a reverse gear in a manual, and should be selected when driving in reverse (reverse) is required.
  • Neutral (N) It’s the same as when you take a manual gearbox out of gear. This option should not be applied when the car is moving, it is known as inertia, although it can be used together with the parking brake, in case of stopping for a short time.
  • condition (D) selects gears automatically and allows the car to move forward.

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exist automatic gearboxes that allow selecting first or second gear. This alternative helps at times when the gearbox must be used to keep speed low, such as when driving downhill. On certain occasions, applying this option helps maintain revs and prevent wheel spin when starting.

In conditions with surfaces with snow or ice, it is best to start in second gear which will prevent the wheels from slipping in these weather conditions. There are automatics that have an exclusive “winter mode” for these cases. A gear lever or selector you only have 2 pedals: the accelerator and the brake. Automatic gearboxes do not have a clutch pedal.

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When driving you must be very careful not to instinctively press the brake pedal, as you do with the clutch pedal in a manual, it can cause a sudden emergency stop.

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How to drive an automatic car

How to drive an automatic car
How to drive an automatic car

In general the automatic gearboxes They are very easy and practical to use., what tends to confuse is when it starts and stops. When entering a car with an automatic gearbox, the The first thing you’ll notice is that it should be in (P). Here we will know the steps to follow:

  • Place your right foot on the left (brake) pedal and press down
  • Start the vehicle by turning the key or pressing the start button
  • With your foot on the brake pedal, gently move the shift lever to “D” for forward, or “R” for reverse.
  • Take your foot off the brake pedal, so the car moves forward.
  • To get more speed, you need to gently press the right (accelerator) pedal with your right foot.
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After the car is in motion, the gearbox selects the gear indicated in each situation, the most practical thing is that it does the hard work for the driver.

How to stop an automatic car

How to drive an automatic car
How to drive an automatic car

As you slow down, the automatic transmission downshifts. When you have finished your journey, step on the brake pedal slowly until the car comes to a complete stop. While stopped, keep your foot on the brake lever and shift to the “P” lever.

You must now apply the parking brake. Turn off the ignition. In the image above, you can see two letters on the gear stick.

The “S” stands for Sport Mode. It usually lowers a car’s suspension, increases the throttle sensitivity level, as well as the car’s acceleration rate. The car will stay in a gear longer to increase the speed level.

The “L” stands for low mode. It refers to the fact that the car will remain in a lower gear to get more power and less speed. This option helps with towing and steep grades.

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Advantages of automatic gearboxes

How to drive an automatic car
How to drive an automatic car

Traditionally the automatic gearboxes They have a reputation for being high-maintenance, but more reliable than expected.

  • Reduce the possibility of components malfunctioning. As an example, the control of a clutch is not perfect, in this case, the clutch in an automatic vehicle does not wear out.
  • Apart from the fact that they are easier to drive, on certain occasions, automatic trolley models can be more efficient than their manual competitors.
  • Another aspect is that they can be fastermany dual-clutch transmissions can change gears faster, shaving tenths of seconds off a 0-62 mph time.

However, automatic cars are more expensive to buy, making it more difficult for a new driver, due to the fact that he must obtain high insurance premiums.

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