How to get the sticker of the license plates online in Florida

How to get the sticker of the license plates online in Florida

Some counties in Florida often send out a renewal notice when the validity of the renewal notice is running out. registration of your vehicle. This is one way by which the Florida DMV ensures that you will carry out the necessary paperwork to continue to keep your driving privileges intact.

The aforementioned period of validity varies for each person according to the vehicle they own, in addition to the fact that the state can offer the option of renewal every two years, for eligible people. Regardless of your case, renew a car registration in Florida It does not necessarily have to be carried out in person, it is also possible to do it by mail, or even online. So if you want get the sticker of the license plates of your car online in Floridawe will explain below the requirements and the process that you must carry out.

How to get the sticker from the license plates online in Florida?

The FLHSMV provides a quick way to renew a vehicle or vessel registration without leaving home, completely online through the MyDMV Portal. To do this, you must:

  1. Visit the official site for Florida DMV renewals: GoRenew.

2. Upon login, the system will ask you to provide one of the following: driver’s license number, vehicle VIN number, car license plate number, or current registration certificate transaction number. It will be enough that you provide at least one of these data.

3. Enter your date of birth and then the last four digits of your Social Security number.

How to get the sticker of the license plates online in Florida


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4. Verify that your personal information (name, address) as well as vehicle information are in order.

5. Pay the applicable renewal fee. To do this you can use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card.

Before making a request of this type, the DMV recommends that you confirm that your insurance policy is valid, this in order to avoid problems, since the state requires at least one civil liability policy among the requirements.

Keep in mind that renewing your vehicle registration in Florida, like in other US territory states, is an obligation. If you don’t do it before its validity period expires, you run the risk of being fined for driving with an expired registration, something that is illegal in the country.

How to get the sticker of the license plates online in Florida
How to get the sticker of the license plates online in Florida

Other ways to renew your registration in Florida

As we mentioned, you can get the sticker from your car’s license plates in Florida in person, by mail or online.

1. To do it in person

All you have to do is go to your local tax office, bring your renewal notice or your current registration certificate, and present your valid driver’s license as well as a document proving you have a Car insurance. Finally, you will have to pay the corresponding fee and you will receive your new decals.

2. To do it by mail

To be eligible you must have received a renewal notice, if you have one, simply send the fee payment to the mailing address on the notice. Or you can send it to the county tax collector’s office.


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