How to make the car doors close softly

How to make the car doors close softly

What does it matter if the car is old or modern, what prevails is that no person or driver likes to receive doors slammed in their car, which over time misalign the parts of the system, resulting in annoying sounds, misalignment of the doors and much more. . here we offer how to make the car doors close softly.

How to make the car doors close softly
How to make the car doors close softly

Closing the car doors abruptly can damage them

Certainly, closing the doors of a car abruptly ends up damaging the joints and misaligning some parts of the system. Many vehicle manufacturers run demanding tests on every part of their segments, to make sure they can handle a little bit of roughness. Although, it is not the case. Even slamming the trunk shut at some point can easily break the latch. Of course, while we hit the trunk lid with force, gravity acts on whoever tries to close the trunk.

Car doors are not safe from being tampered with. For example, when getting out of the car, and by carelessness leaves metal seat belt latch hanging right where you close the door, it can dent the metal and lead to the whole system malfunctioning. Car manufacturing companies have so-called “fatigue tests” on their doors, which consist of opening and closing the doors many times. Although, in these tests the human aspect does not intervene, such as hitting the car door on another piece of metal. Despite Slamming doors don’t break doors, but they do weaken the system.. maybe in no time hear the sound of loose parts inside the car doors.

Why do people keep slamming car doors?

How to make the car doors close softly
How to make the car doors close softly

It is likely that many people believe that an old car model requires a slam to close the doors properly. Although, you should never do such a thing. In general, some people tend to be aggressive with these cars, due to:

  • The habit formed before the door was broken. Anyone who slams a door has a habit of doing it in their own car. In this case, heor it is better to remind them not to slam doors when they get in or out of a car, it is even recommended to have a sign.
  • When the interior door latch mechanism has been broken, the door must be slammed so that it can fully close. What finally is not at all correct for the pieces. Hitting or throwing the door of the vehicle can cause it to buckle., which affects the functionality of the door to soft close. Almost all car doors come with rubber gaskets that should prevent metal-to-metal contact.

What part of the door makes noise?

How to make the car doors close softly
How to make the car doors close softly

The automotive market is wide in offering a variety of products to favor any part of the car, you can find special products that will help you mark and discover the affected part, which is rubbing or touching the metal of the car. When detected, it is easy to correct and protect the doors. Many people have had the experience of using a bit of ground chalk or some other loose pigment to trace where the damaged piece is.

Tips to prevent slamming car doors

In case you discover that the doors are sunken, or misaligned, you should take the car to a specialist as soon as possible. They can probably reset the car door, and it won’t actually keep slamming shut.

On the other hand, in case the doors are correctly aligned, you can put a padding or a latch on them to avoid slamming doors. We will mention two options below:

1. Fill the door with a butyl rubber gasket (synthetic rubber)

How to make the car doors close softly
How to make the car doors close softly

This procedure is carried out on the inside of the doors, sometimes on the bodywork. These materials protect the metal from possible damage, like waterproofing the car. Now, if the doors have suffered significantly, it is likely that the movement has deteriorated the original gasket. In this case, it is best to replace the damaged gasket.

You just have to remove the old gasket, then clean the area with alcohol, and proceed to install the new gasket. There are several products on the market, however, the MAZGO foam sealing tapeIt is a solid foam that provides a lot of padding. Also, you can find the Trim-Lok D-shaped rubber seal, offers a hermetic closure on the doors of the car. Both products have a self-adhesive back, so you’ll be able to peel and stick them with ease. Butyl products, on the other hand, can work well protecting the doors properly.

2. Install a soft car door closer

How to make the car doors close softly
How to make the car doors close softly

There are specialized companies in this field, such as Slam Stop, who manufacture soft automatic universal door closer for cars. It is a product that offers protection against slamming doors. In particular, the mechanism prevents doors from slamming even accidentally. It works on normal doors such as sliding ones, it offers the advantage for the door to close softly. It is a simple product to install, the only disadvantage is that it is expensive, but it is worth it for the result obtained. But, if you are not willing to spend money on this purchase, then put up signs that say “No Slamming”.

Close the car door without slamming it

As long as the car door is slammed once or twice, it may not cause any damage to the car doors. But what happens repeatedly and forcefully will bring consequences. Remember rubber gaskets or door closers are the best options to avoid these actions. You make the decision of who to get in your car, to receive slamming doors that will later harm you.

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