Hurricane, the 6-cylinder wild card that could save the Dodge Charger and Challenger gasoline

The future of the Muscle Car is in the electric motor, or is it? Dodge, that brand that just a couple of months ago presented us with an impressive fully electric Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept, could have an ace up the sleeve to keep the gasoline engine alive in the future Charger and/or Challenger. And the trick behind this maneuver we actually already know, since it is nothing more or less than the new 6-cylinder in-line engine developed by Stellantisa propellant that would be the perfect replacement for Dodge V8s.

On the occasion of the celebration of SEMA Show that is happening right now in Las Vegas, Dodge has spoken more in depth about its future plansputting special emphasis on how it intends to approach the electrification of its sports cars, a process that began in August with the presentation of the Charger Daytona SRT Concept.

From the hands of its CEO, Tim Kuniskis, we have learned that Dodge hasn’t ruled out the possibility of seeing a gas engine in the next Charger due in 2024.. The first thing we must be clear about is that the current Charger and Challenger will die along with their platforms and V8 engines in 2023with the launch of an electric Dodge Charger based on the Daytona SRT Concept prototype being confirmed as the only replacement.

There will be no more V8 Hellcat, but there will be an inline 6 that could replace it

However, Kuniskis, who emphasizes the priority over the development of the electric version, does not rule out that in the future there may be a gasoline version animated by the Hurricane propellant, a 3.0 Turbo 6-cylinder in-line engine and up to 507 hp recently launched on the market in brands such as Jeep. This would be possible given that the platform used by the Charger Daytona will be the new STLA Large, an architecture that is actually an evolution of FCA’s Giorgio platform and is therefore compatible with the use of different propulsion systems.

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