Hyundai goes all out, green light to Genesis and its rival for the Mercedes SL

Hyundai goes all out, green light to Genesis and its rival for the Mercedes SL

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At Hyundaiadi they go all out with their premium signature Genesis. Knowing that competing with brands like Mercedes, BMW or Audi is not an easy task, at Genesis they are willing to risk with each new release. And it is for this reason that the Genesis X Convertible just got the green lighta luxurious convertible presented in prototype format, but which has everything to compete with rivals such as the Mercedes-AMG SL or the Bentley Continental GT Convertible.

At Genesis they are immersed in a long-distance race with which they want to achieve positioning – and recognition – in the premium market in the medium-long term. Property of the Hyundai group, it is not the first time that we have seen a project as ambitious as that of Genesis, however the new Korean premium firm wants to avoid the failure that other rivals had to face, betting on an approach that for now is working quite well in South Korea and the United States.

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And although its range has grown enough to have up to 6 different models and undertake the landing in Europe, now the brand seeks to have a halo car that serves as a rolling showcase in terms of luxury, technology and exclusivity. That model is called Genesis X Convertible and we met him at the last Los Angeles auto show held in 2022. Sporting an imposing convertible body in a 4-seater configuration, it was a car that already showed an execution very close to what its production version could be, being this now confirmed by the brand’s chief designer Luc Donckerwolke.

The Genesis X Convertible aims to rise as one of the references among luxury convertibles, also being 100% electric

This convertible will be developed on a 100% electric platform, remaining to be discovered if it will hit the market with the retractable hardtop shown in the concept or finally bet on a more common canvas roof as is the case with the bulk of its rivals. The objective of Genesis in this sense is clear, giving life to a luxury GT that is located in the segment where cars like the Mercedes-AMG SL, the Porsche 911, the Bentley Continental GT or the new Maserati GranTurismo are active. This model will still take time to reach the streets, with speculation that 2025-2026 will be the period in which its launch could take place.

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