Hyundai l20 Rally1: the luxurious car of Dani Sordo and Cándido Carrera that was burned in Japan (+ Video)

Dani Sordo and Candido Carrera They were victims of an unfortunate accident in which their car ended up burned while they were carrying out a test in Japan.

The team hyundai has had a bad end to the season after they announced that their l20 Rally1 design ended up in flames while they did some tests to the team in Jamón. The flames started at the rear of the unit, which could not be extinguished by the Spanish team

The I20 Rally1 of the Spanish Dani Sordo and Candido Carrera ended up going down in flames at Rally Japan.

Among the details they reported, it was learned that chassis 4 of the Korean firm’s vehicle was caught in the flames in the second special of the day on Friday in the Japanese testlast of the 2022 world calendar.

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Dani Sordo told the WRC+ cameras that “It happened at the beginning of the special. The car smelled a lot of gasoline and just after, on a straight I saw the flames coming between the seats there was a lot of smoke inside, so I stopped the car. After a few minutes it started to burn. It was coming from the back and we tried to turn it off but it was absolutely impossible. I feel sorry for the team, losing a car like this…it’s a bad day.”

A complicated end to the season for Hyundai, which has its expectations at this appointment on what it can do Thierry Neuville (second) and Ott Tanakwhich has already confirmed that it is leaving the Korean structure, although at the moment it does not have a seat for the 2023 season.

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