If you always go in fuel reserve, you could be making your car suffer

It makes many cars that have a built in secondary gas tank, called a reserve tank. Today that second tank has been eliminated in modern cars and designers have built its function into the tank itself. Here you will learn what is fuel reserve in a car and other important aspects that it will be useful for you to know.

What is fuel reserve?

fuel reserve is a secondary storage that is used in cars to store an additional supply of fuel. Sometimes known as a fuel reserve tank, it is commonly found on some makes and models of motor cars.

In modern cars, designers have built this secondary storage into the car’s own tank.. When the fuel reserve indicator light comes on on the dashboard, the car is using that auxiliary fuel storage.

How much fuel is in the fuel reserve?

Usually, the fuel reserve represents about 15% of the storage capacity of the main tank. The fuel reserve is intended to provide a backup source in case the reserves contained in the primary tank are depleted.

When the car is in fuel reserve, a light warns of low fuel level long before it runs out in the car.

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How far can you drive with the fuel reserve warning light on?

If a car is running with the needle showing fuel reserve, it is very likely that at any time, after having driven a few more miles, the engine will stop. This due to dirt and other contaminants that could also block the fuel filter.

When the fuel reserve level is extremely low, the fuel pump could overheat and affect the car’s brakes and power steering. But when you drive the car with very little fuel it is also dangerous. But, in an emergency, a couple of extra kilometers won’t hurt the car.

You can estimate the miles that can be driven even when the fuel light is on. However, the standard for reserve fuel capacity varies by car manufacturer and model.

According to one analysis, most car models can run on the fuel reserve between 30-50 miles after the low fuel warning light comes on.

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Why do experts suggest not running the engine on too little fuel?

Experts suggest do not run the car with too little reserve fuelsince doing it can wear or damage the fuel pump. Most new cars come with an electric fuel pump, which is installed inside the fuel tank, which is supposed to keep the gasoline cool.

To avoid premature wear, it is suggested to have at least a quarter of fuel in the tank. This is also usually somewhat safer.

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