If you are a fan of Mario Kart and you have money to spare, we have found your perfect watch

If you like cars, there are quite a few numbers that you like watches. It is a disgrace: another extremely expensive hobby to add to the vice that cars already cause us. Someone said that it was cheaper to be addicted to illegal substances… and he was right. Be that as it may, it is also possible that you are a fan of Mario Kart. If you meet these requirements, and you also have a well-balanced current account, Tag Heuer has just launched a watch that has enough ballots to end up in your collection.

The high-end watchmaker’s watch is a tribute to Mario Kart, and is a special edition based on his classic Formula 1 chronograph. It has been produced in collaboration with Nintendo, and presents several details that will delight the most fans of the Japanese video game. The watch has been presented in two versions: a standard version and a tourbillon version – that is, with its automatic mechanism visible through the dial. Both are limited production, to ensure that the product is exclusive and desirable.

The M for Mario is present on the buckle and on the crown of the watch.

Of the most “conventional” version – if that adjective can be used in a TAG – 3,250 units will be produced, and of the tourbillon only 250 watches will be sold. The price difference is very substantial: the TAG Heuer Formula 1 x Mario Kart costs 4,150 euros, and its tourbillon version shoots up to around tremendous 24,750 euros. What do we take in exchange? Two watches full of details in homage to the legendary video game. For example, the watch’s crown is engraved with the classic capital “eme” in Nintendo’s font.

The calendar has a star and on the chronograph dial we find Mario Kart written. The “cheap” version features a checkered flag pattern on its face. The tourbillon shows its gears in great detail, and in one of them, three well-known figures from the video game rotate. The strap is made of high quality leather., and in addition to the red stitching, it simulates the tread of a tire. It would practically look like a children’s watch were it not for its price and positioning, openly aimed at nostalgic and very wealthy adults.

The watch is riddled with references to the video game.

Would you pay the money that a TAG Heuer Formula 1 costs and fill it with references to Mario Kart? We read you in the comments.

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