The new Honda Civic Type R already has a price, it is 1,700 euros cheaper than a Golf R but it is still not suitable for all pockets

If you have the 54,850 euros that the final compact costs, keep it, because you still won’t be able to spend it on it

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One of the most anticipated arrivals of 2022 was the new Honda Civic Type R, a compact that promises to become the fastest front-wheel drive on the Nürburgring. But man does not live by time, and the compact Japanese also ensured sensations everywhere at his command. And I write this last sentence in the past because, at the moment, you will not be able to spend the 54,860 euros that the Japanese firm asks for it or the 34,100 euros that it asks for the conventional Civic. The reason? They have stopped production due to high demand and the impossibility of covering all orders.

That’s right, Honda has stopped the presses in search of better organizing the gestation of its flagship product and avoid a bottleneck. This decision is not only caused by the Civic requests, but also by the microchip crisis and the difficulty in obtaining certain components that is slowing down any production process.

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Honda for, for the moment, the production of the Civic and Civic Type R

In a first instance, the production that was going to stop was that of the conventional Honda Civic, surprising that, given the price and that it is a very niche car, the Type R is also affected. But it is clear that the most petrolhead They are clear about where to go when it comes to getting a sports compact, and the brand has noticed this when it comes to also covering its manufacture.

This is affecting Japan and much of Europe, demonstrated by the withdrawal of the Civic and Civic Type R from the configurator, something that happens in Spain. Thus, and until further notice, the Honda compact will remain off the market, forcing its potential customers to wait until the situation returns to normal or to go directly to the competition.

for now, Honda does not predict a date to restart production, but they confirm that it is a measure that they have taken to prevent those who have already bought the car from suffering a delay in its delivery. And the way to prevent this is none other than to temporarily close orders for both versions, causing the range to be made up, for now, of the Honda e, CR-V, HR-V and Jazz.

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After all, we are talking about two products that have always worked well for the Japanese house. On the one hand, the conventional Civic was established for the first time in its history as a hybrid, offering the ECO label with a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine and 184 CV; and on the other, the incombustible Type R, a 320 hp compact with a manual gearbox that points out ways to break a new record at the Nürburgring.

And it is that despite the conventional Honda Civic starting from 34,100 euros and the Type R from 54,850 euros, both have generated furor in a clientele that perhaps was waiting for something different. Be that as it may, they will not be able to enjoy it for at least a while, and it is that perhaps it will not be until summer when Honda has managed to normalize the situation and give a new green light to the manufacture of the Honda Civic.

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