If you want this sporty compact, you’ll have to prove that you’re a true petrolhead

We know very well that Toyota is one of the brands that is currently doing the best. This is demonstrated by advocating effective and efficient hybridization for years, fighting to maintain diesel and offering a range of purebred sports cars. But the best of all is not the list of vehicles that make up the Japanese firm, but the spirit petrol head that it transmits. And so it makes clear with the Toyota GR Corolla Morizo ​​Edition, a special edition that if you want it to be yours you will have to prove that you are a true car lover.

Or at least in Canada, where they are lucky enough not only to be able to aspire to buy the Morizo ​​Edition, but also the “conventional” GR Corolla. Be that as it may, and healthy envy aside, the people of Toyota Canada has decided to issue a form so that potential customers of one of the 200 units of the GR Corolla Morizo ​​Edition show that they are worthy of one.

This is the form plus petrol head that you will have to fill in, and it is for a very good reason

And it is that as if it were a normal and current survey, we find ourselves with a series of questions most picturesque and clearly focused for true lovers of four wheels. At the end of the day, Toyota wants to be sure that whoever buys the Toyota GR Corolla Morzio uses it properly and does not turn it into a garage queen.

Logically, among these are common questions, such as name, surname, age, address, etc. But the mello begins when we meet Toyota asking us to describe any car club or tuning-related experiences in a maximum of 600 words. The second interesting question is that we count any experience with Toyota products, models, how many years we had it under our belt…

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But their true intentions begin to show when they ask about our most memorable memory or experience with a manual transmission car and sports cars. The next curiosity that the Japanese brand has is about the high-performance cars that you have had, asking for an elaborate list of these to be able to measure your level of petrolheadism.

Then they go to the pure and hard salseo when asking how frequent are your visits to the circuit, what level you have on the track, your favorite circuits and your favorite stretch of roads. They also ask about your intentions with the GR Corolla Morizo ​​Edition, if you are going to use it daily, if it is going to be a vehicle for exclusive use on the circuit or if you directly intend to speculate with it. With a machete and without mercy.

And finally Toyota wants to know why you would be a good candidate to own a Toyota GR Corolla Morizo ​​Edition. But what is special about this car to be limited to 200 units and for the firm to go to the trouble of knowing what kind of petrol head are? The engine does not change, being the same three-cylinder with 300 hp and 400 Nm of torque, but its management is carried out in this case by an exclusive closed-ratio intelligent manual transmission and shorter differential gears.

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In addition, this special edition is 45 kilos lighter than the conventional GR Corolla thanks to the elimination of the rear seats, forged carbon fiber roof and forged wheels, leaving the total weight at 1,445 kilos. The 18-inch wheels are shod with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2, to which we must add a specific suspension adjustment for this version.

And it is that the rigidity improves considerably with 349 new welding points, and we find series elements such as the differentials. On an aesthetic level, the GR Corolla Morizo ​​Edition boasts backet-type seats exclusive to this version and a specific ventilation system on the outside. Be that as it may and as much as we meet the requirements to be an owner in conditions of the Japanese compact, Europe will not enjoy the presence of this.

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