Inception Concept, the Peugeot that we will meet in 2023 and that will be the successor to the mythical E-Legend

Peugeot already has its next big thing ready, a prototype that will be unveiled in January 2023 during the Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas. Surrounded by mystery the Peugeot Inception Concept will be the spiritual successor to the mythical Peugeot E-Legendpicking up the witness of this as a technological showcase and design exercise, since we must be very clear that the Peugeot Inception that we will meet in January will anticipate what all the new Peugeots will be like from 2023.

First announced at the recent Paris motor show, We must understand the Peugeot Inception Concept as a prototype where the brand will shape its entire future in terms of design, technology or propulsion systems. Therefore, we are not talking about a vehicle that is going to have a series production version, but it does intend to offer us a very clear vision of the future of the brand.

So things, the Inception is the heir to such striking proposals as the E-Legend or the Instinct Concept, both models that advanced many of the features and ideas that we have seen in the latest releases of the French brand. And although it is still difficult for us to digest the fact that Peugeot did not dare to manufacture the E-Legend, the truth is that very rarely do these types of prototypes make it to the streets in the form of a mass-production car.

The Peugeot Inception Concept will reveal interesting news, but the most important could be the recipe that defines the next Peugeot 3008. The new generation of the brand’s popular compact SUV is already under development, being a car that will serve as the spearhead of the new design language at Peugeot, as well as a new platform. Peugeot is already preparing the jump to the new Stellantis modular platforms, specifically to the STLA Small and STLA Medium, allowing this to take a new leap in possibilities, performance and efficiency, as electrification is advancing steadily at Peugeot and therefore the next generation of each and every one of its models will have its main – and even sole -protagonist in the electric motor.

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