Indigenous people knocked down a policeman from a motorcycle and hit him with a stick in Bogotá, Colombia (+ Video)

Multiple videos have been shared through social networks where a group of indigenous attacking police officers to the point of knocking them off their motorcycle. This happened in the middle of clashes between these communities and members of Esmad, in Bogota Colombia.

A demonstration where 200 indigenous people blocked the Avianca building entrance turned into a confrontation after the police and Esmad intervened to ensure the protection of civilian life and local property. This is because the demonstrators attacked infrastructure and caused damage to it.

In one of the many shared videos, there is one that stands out above the rest, where you can see a group of indigenous people beating them up two members of the Police. The record shows how they chase them, get them off the motorcycle and hit them with sticks.

It is also possible to see how one of the officers falls face down from the vehicle, for which several indigenous people brutally beat him. Other citizens in the place had to intercede to save the life of the official.

The workers of a building also intervened to rescue the policeman who was lying on the ground. Both uniformed are attended by health unit.

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In this video it is clearly seen how members of the Embera community indiscriminately attack two policemen from our city. The violence we saw today was indiscriminate. Bogotá will not tolerate these events. We are coordinating with the police to prosecute those responsible”, Secretary of Government Felipe Jiménez said on his Twitter.

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