InTech Launches New OVR Travel Trailer

InTech is perhaps best known for its aluminum travel trailers, which are currently offered divided into a number of different model lines. There is a new addition to the family and it has been designed for those looking for a maneuverable trailer that can be taken to “even the most remote locations.” The OVR series is now debuting with three options available depending on the length and equipment. All three models are built around a fully welded frame and frame construction.

OVR’s base model is the Expedition, which starts at $58,380 and offers accommodation for up to five people. It is the smallest of the three but still has enough space for a large living room, fully equipped kitchen, and comfortable bedroom. There is also an optional power folding awning with wind detection, a sliding kitchen for outdoor use, and a solar system providing 400 watts of power.

Upgrade to the larger, more luxurious Navigation OVR model for at least $64,000 and you’ll benefit from more room for fewer people on board. It has a special bedroom which is completely separated from the rest of the living room to give you the perfect sleep. While the entry-level OVR model can be towed with an SUV, the Navigate requires an F-150 sized truck to be towed safely to remote places.

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The top range model is the OVR Adventure, which costs at least $61,880. It’s definitely cheaper than the Navigation but is bigger and offers space for up to six people. The highlight of this model is the very large cargo area where even ATVs can be parked. This area can also be converted into a large dining area, as well as a sleeping area for four adults. Depending on the specifications and options included, there is also a TV, audio system and other cool features to make your stay more enjoyable.

The three OVR models are available in two different colors – Charcoal Storm (black) and Silver Moon (white with black accents). Also, all three can be optionally equipped with a solar pack and a retractable awning. Click the source link below for more information.

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