It is a real lighter, it costs 175 euros per month and it has the right motor to deal with LEZs

It is a real lighter, it costs 175 euros per month and it has the right motor to deal with LEZs

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Whoever buys a new car today looks for it to comply with three fundamental pillars: low consumption, cheap and that it does not suppose a headache with what is coming with the Low Emission Zones. Well, the Toyota Corolla crosses out all these conditions hand in hand with a combined consumption of 4.5 liters per 100; with a price of 175 euros per month and with hybrid mechanics that grants it the DGT ECO label to be able to deal with LEZs.

Now, we must take into account the fine print of the compact offer. And it is that the Japanese firmrequires financing to be able to take it home for less than 180 euros per month, so it is necessary to analyze how interest affects it and if it is equally worth it or, on the contrary, pay in cash to enjoy those same attributes.

This is the Toyota Corolla that we can take home for 175 euros per month

But before talking about numbers, we must know that the Corolla that can end up in our garage for 175 euros per month has a specific configuration. Thus, we find the combination of the 140 hp engine with the Active Plus finishwhich is the second level of equipment below.

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This pairing leaves us, first of all, with standard equipment made up of 16-inch wheels, keyless entry and start, LED headlights, a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel, electric mirrors and a 10.5-inch screen with connection with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto among others.

Secondly, we come across the access engine, a hybrid mechanic without too many complexities that leaves a quite attractive result. And we are talking about an atmospheric four-cylinder engine and 1.8 liters which develops 140 hp. The gearbox is CVT type, and the mechanical assembly allows the compact Japanese to cover 0 to 100 in 9.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 180 km/h. However, its true high point lies in the DGT ECO label and in a combined consumption of only 4.5 liters per 100.

Now, what do we have to do to take home a Corolla for 175 euros a month? The first thing is to face an entry of 7,439.70 euros, a figure that will allow us to access the payment of 48 installments of 175 euros and a last one of 14,580 euros. To all this we must add an APR of 9.25%, a TIN of 7.95% and an opening commission of 2.99%, the equivalent of a payment of 514.59 euros.

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Thus, interest amounts to 5,255.11 euros, causing the total price in installments is€30,419.70. If we analyze the current market and all that the Toyota Corolla offers along with its consumption and the ECO label, it may seem that it is not a very unreasonable final price. However, it seems somewhat high when we compare it with what a Corolla of the same configuration costs us but paid in cash, a method that implies an outlay of 24,580 euros.

The Toyota Corolla in What car do I buy?

But as tempting as the Toyota Corolla may seem, we must know that It is not the only interesting option on the market. We discovered that through What car do I buy?the Diariomotor comparator where we find not only the largest offer of cars from second hand.

Thus, we find options such as a Honda Civic for 32,100 euros thanks to a discount of 2,000 euros. Another alternative is the SEAT León which, despite resorting to mild-hybrid systems, lUse the ECO label for 22,990 euros. And finally the Mazda3, which can be ours for 23,682 euros also with ECO label.

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But if the Toyota Corolla is the car to choose and it is not enough for a new one, we must know that we can find units in the used market. This also allows us to enjoy a hybrid car with an ECO label, opt for better configurations and save a few euros.

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