It is called MS11, it is totally electric and it is established as the maximum evolution (so far) of a mobile company

To think of Xiaomi is to think of latest-generation mobile phones or electronic devices of all sizes, but not cars. Well, dear readers, the perception of the Chinese manufacturer is about to change, because it already has everything ready to present its first car, the baptized as MS11. And although it is true that at the moment has leakedNow we can put a “face” on this 100% electric sedan that aims to mark a before and after in the sector with, surely, a very affordable price.

A) Yes, Xiaomi steps on the accelerator against companies like Apple, which has been testing -and working- on the creation of a car for a long time. However, firms like Sony, which has joined forces with Honda, are already posing a challenge to the mobile phone manufacturer in what has become a premature war for both.

The MS11, Xiaomi’s first car, is filtered

Be that as it may, and focusing on the Xiaomi product, we find ourselves, to the surprise and delight of many, with a saloon and not an SUV. And although the images are not as sharp as we would like, we can distinguish a rather modern, clean and cutting-edge overall design, offering soft lines that are broken by more abrupt elements.

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The front features wedge-shaped headlights and integrated LED technology, being complemented by a very marked defense in which two air inlets stand out. The winger continues with a clean hand of a flat surface and without abrupt shapes to lead to a defense in which we find a lighting signature linked together and a defense with a differentiated aggressiveness necessary to achieve good aerodynamicsa fundamental aspect in any self-respecting electric car.

The cabin, for its part, has not been leaked at the moment, but we can intuit a cabin in which minimalism and technology predominate. In this way, a digital control panel and a large central screen will be absolute protagonists inside the MS11, relegating, surely, to this almost any function commanded by means of physical controls in the past.

And it has not echoed the most important section of an electric, its mechanics. Thus, we do not know the power, autonomy and charging capacity of the Xiaomi MS11, although different variants are expected in which these data will change for the better or for the worse, but without leaving behind at any time. his affordable electric car philosophy.

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Now, will we see the MS11 in Europe? It is too soon to confirm it, but it may be that, in the first instance, the Xiaomi car is marketed solely and exclusively in China. However, and taking into account the environmental requirements of the old continent, the manufacturer may end up opening the doors of its production and we will see the Xiaomi MS11 swarming around these parts.

Images: Car News China

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