It is not perfect, but for €12,700 there is no cheaper car with an ECO label

The passport to all the low emission zones (ZBE) that will proliferate this year in Spain is a vehicle with an environmental label from the DGT. However, if we want to avoid all possible restrictions, and we want to be protected in the future, the ECO label is what we want to have on the windshield of our car. If you want brand new cheap car with an ECO label and your budget is limited, the urban that stars in this article can be a great purchase option. It’s not perfect, but for 12,700 euros, it is the cheapest ECO label of the year.

A hybrid FIAT Panda for 12,713 euros

The FIAT Panda is the star car in this offer. The Panda is itself an anomaly. Its third generation has been on sale continuously since 2011, and has been constantly updated. It is a car that shares a platform with the FIAT 500, and like this, it is a car with great personality and a design that has perfectly withstood the passage of time. It is only sold in a five-door body, and measures only 3.65 meters long, so it is extremely easy to park in an urban environment.

It is important to know: it is only approved for four seats.

Its height of 1.55 meters makes it taller than a Toyota Aygo X Cross, and if it had been launched in 2023, it would have been advertised as a “crossover”. Among the positive aspects of the FIAT Panda is a generously sized 225-litre boot and elevated driving position, which allows us to control the traffic well. However, the steering wheel is not adjustable in depth and the ergonomics of some controls can be improved. The mechanics of the FIAT Panda on offer is a 1.0 atmospheric enginea three-cylinder gasoline system 12 volt micro hybrid.

It develops 70 CV of maximum power and the microhybrid system can provide 5 CV in a timely manner, in addition to making the operation of the Stop&Start system very refined. This engine is strong-willed and has correct performance for an urban environment, but we find it lacking in an extra-urban environment – it will be necessary to play a lot with its six-speed manual transmission. Nevertheless, The approved consumption is only 5.1 l/100 km And it is difficult for the car to spend a lot of fuel, even abusing the city and turning it up a lot.

Its three-cylinder engine is relatively refined and its low fuel consumption stands out.

The version offered is an access finish, with very basic equipment. Fortunately, it has air conditioning, front electric windows and concessions to modernity such as Bluetooth hands-free. Its infotainment system has a 5-inch touchscreen, but it is not compatible with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Its tires are sheet metal, and its rear windows are manual. It does not have advanced driving assistance. In return, FIAT sells it to you for 12,713 euros. A correct price, and only 300 euros higher than that of 2022.

To access this offer price it is necessary to contract a multi-option financing with FCA Auto Bank for three years. The entry is 3,826 euros and the monthly installments are 99 euros, subtracting a final installment of 8,325 euros – which we can pay, refinance or not pay, delivering the car to the brand. The APR of the loan is very high, of 13.84%. In addition, we are limited to a total of 30,000 km in three years if we want to exchange it for another car or return it to the brand without incurring financial penalties.

The financing conditions are demanding: the cost of financing is 3,369 euros.

Taking into account the financing conditions, and that its cash price is 12,955 eurosyou may be interested in requesting a personal loan from a bank with better conditions, and paying it “to tocateja”.

What are your rivals? How much they cost?

Among the rivals of the FIAT Panda is the FIAT 500 Hybrid, also with the ECO label and currently on sale for 13,545 euros. In addition, we have several more urban ones on the market, although with a C label from the DGT, without hybridization. Among those rivals is Toyota Aygo Cross (from 13,850 euros) and the duo formed by the Hyundai i10 (from 11,950 euros) Y KIA Picanto (from 13,020 euros). In Qué Coche Me Compro we have published a Buying guide for the cheapest urban and utility cars From the market.

The FIAT Panda Hybrid from kilometer zero, from 12,900 euros

In Qué Coche Me Compro, in the used car section, you can find Zero kilometer units from 12,900 euros of the FIAT Panda Hybrid, with immediate delivery. The price refers to the discount for financing the cheapest unit on the list below.

FIAT Panda Photos

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