It is one of the motorcycles with the best quality/price, consumption 2.1 liters/100 km and is on sale for €3,250

It is one of the motorcycles with the best quality/price, consumption 2.1 liters/100 km and is on sale for €3,250

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It is the undisputed leader of the Spanish market. A versatile, complete motorcycle, and a 125 urban scooter that you can drive with the car license. But it also enjoys very low consumption and an affordable price, being on sale for €3,250.

The 125 scooters live their golden moment, for its versatility, for the possibility of being used with a car license or A1 license, and for being an excellent solution for urban mobility. Not to mention the boom in urban delivery, for which this type of scooter is the ideal solution between performance, practicality, price and cost per kilometer.

The cheapest 125 scooters are in a range between €2,000 and €3,500. So that the Honda of this article is located in the upper part and also as one of the most complete.

The Honda PCX 125 is the best-selling motorcycle in Spain, despite its increasing competition, and taking advantage of the boom that 125 scooters are experiencing

A low consumption scooter and 125 for €3,250

The Honda PCX 125 is one of the stars of the Honda range, thought above all of practicality and urban journeys. It is not the cheapest, in a category in which we find products such as Kymco and Peugeot for less than €2,500. But it is at a correct price and in line with its rival from Yamaha, which starts at €3,499.

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As my colleague Sergio told us when talking about the consumption of the Honda PCX 125, on paper it offers a consumption of 2.1 liters/100 kilometers and a comfortable range with its 8.1-liter tank. But in practice it is feasible to drop below 2 liters/100 kilometers.

This 12.5 CV scooter has a high wheel and seat at 76.4 centimeters. Its weight is 130 kilograms and the rear axle has a double shock absorber. On a practical level, it also has a USB-C charger and a 30-liter boot under the seat, with enough space for a full-face helmet.

Its official consumption is 2.1 liters/100 kilometers but in practice consumption can be achieved even below 2 liters/100 kilometers

honda-pcx-test-41-mdm honda-pcx-test-41-mdm

Among its rivals, as we told you, we find other 125 scooters that can be used with a car license:

  • Peugeot Tweet 125 Active from €2,320
  • Kymco Agility City from €2,399
  • Piaggio Liberty S125 ABS from €2,712
  • SYM Jet 14 from €2,799
  • Yamaha Nmax 125 from €3,499
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