It is the best white-label hybrid family car, it has a 597-liter trunk and costs less than 25,000 euros

The price of the new cars It doesn’t stop growing, but if we dig hard enough, it’s still possible to get attractive prices for certain new cars. This is the case of the car that concerns us in this article. It is a “white label” version of the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports, it has a 597-liter boot space, it is a hybrid, and It can be purchased for only 24,414 euros at a brand dealer. What are the details of this offer? What version are we talking about? What is the fine print?

The car in question is the Suzuki Swace. The Swace is a Toyota Corolla Touring Sports to which the Toyota logos have been changed to those of Suzuki, and its launch responds to Suzuki’s need to reduce its average CO emissions2 in the European market. Unlike the Corolla, the Swace is only available in station wagon body and only with the access hybrid mechanics. Although Toyota is already accepting orders for the 1.8-liter hybrid mechanics upgrade to 140 hp, Suzuki mounts the fourth-generation hybrid mechanics and 122 hp.

With an average WLTP consumption of 4.5 l/100 km, it is one of the most efficient cars on the market.

This is not a problem in terms of consumption, which is still highly assessed, but in terms of performance it is below the renewed Corolla. All in all, a 0 to 100 km/h time of 11.1 seconds is more than correct and the car has enough power for conventional family use. The mechanics of the Suzuki Swace is full-hybrid, so the car, a non-plug-in hybrid, can drive in 100% electric mode. It has an ECO label from the DGT and has unrestricted access to any future low emission zone.

The best thing about this Suzuki Swace is that it is a very practical car, equipped with a trunk volume 597 liters in a compact exterior size, 4.66 meters long. The version offered is the GLE, an intermediate finish that includes a more than extensive equipment: 16-inch alloy wheels, automatic climate control, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning or traffic sign reading. It has a reversing camera and its infotainment system has an 8″ touch screen, and is compatible with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto.

It mounts the mechanics of 122 CV combined, in front of the hybrid mechanics of 140 CV of the Corolla.

The really interesting thing about this offer is that its price of 24,414 euros is almost 2,000 euros less than the sale price of the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports equivalent. The offer is valid until the end of the year and requires us to finance the purchase of the car for 36 months with Santander Consumer Finance. The entry is 10,010 euros, the monthly fees of 179 euros, and the final fee of 11,776 euros. The total cost of the credit, including the opening commission, is about 4,000 euros – the APR must be confirmed at the dealership when signing the operation.

The best compact family on the market

Estates are very practical cars and excellent alternatives to an SUV. In Qué Coche Me Compro we have published a complete guide to discover the best offers in the segment. A logical alternative is Toyota Corolla Touring Sports, whose current price on offer is 26,400 euros. If full-hybrid mechanics is not our priority, we cannot forget about the Skoda Octavia Combi (from 26,641 euros) or bargains like him KIA Ceed Tourercurrently on sale for less than 19,000 euros.

Photos of the Suzuki Swace

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