It is the most logical electric on the market, it has just been updated and you can still buy it at a demolition price

Finding an electric car at a good price is not easy… or maybe it is. From the hands of the manufacturer Dacia, In the Spanish market it is possible to acquire a cheap and extremely useful electric car for the citya Dacia Spring that has also just been updated, improving its features, but which remains as one of the cheapest electric we can buy. For this reason, let’s analyze What does the renewed Dacia Spring 2023 offer and how much does it cost?.

With the arrival of 2023, Dacia has taken the opportunity to update its affordable electric car, the Dacia Spring. This model has rightfully become a bestseller thanks to its low purchase price and the simplicity of its recipe.defending a very interesting alternative for those who are looking for a 4-seater electric car with which to move around the city, to be able to park quickly and easily anywhere and to achieve a very low cost per kilometer.

But now Dacia has wanted to improve the arguments of the Dacia Spring by launching a more powerful version, a Dacia Spring with a 65 CV electric motor, which is a clear improvement over the 45 CV of the previous model that will still be on sale as an access finish. This Spring promises better behavior and performance, not only in the city – where it was already a fairly agile car – but on interurban roads and short highway journeys, which is where the Spring could be seen most penalized until now.

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Equipment and price of the Dacia Spring Electric 65

Together with the new and more powerful 65 CV electric drive, the Dacia Spring Electric 65 offers a WLTP autonomy of 224 km and a trim level called Extreme, equivalent to the Expression level that until now was the highest available in the Spring range. This means that the endowment of equipment is remarkablefinding LED daytime lighting, 7″ multimedia system compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, 4 electric windows, air conditioning, cruise control, speed limiter, rear parking sensors and rear view camera.

Available for sale from February 1, the Dacia Spring Electric 65 can be purchased for a price from 15,055 euros. This price starts at 22,055 euros if we do not take advantage of the aid of the MOVES plan.

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