It is the perfect anti-SUV, it has a 500-liter trunk and has just released a new hybrid engine

It is the perfect anti-SUV, it has a 500-liter trunk and has just released a new hybrid engine

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If you are looking for a car with a lot of interior space, a good trunk and a crossover aesthetic, but without reaching the level of the SUV, the car that we are going to discuss today is an option that you should consider very seriously. Turned to the best anti-SUV in its class for its approachthe Citroën C5 X represents an interesting purchase option since you can take it with a ZERO emissions label at a better price than beforeWell, he just released a new plug-in hybrid engine.

Mixing saloon, family and crossover traits, the Citroën C5 X is a car that is attracting a lot of attention, because With a size of 4.8 meters, it offers one of the most spacious and comfortable cabins on the marketin addition to having a 485 liter trunk which, in non-hybrid versions, can reach 545 liters. It is a serious option to be considered by all those who are looking for a lot of space and comfort, because after our thorough test, at Diariomotor we can assure you that the C5 X is the most comfortable car in its class.

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In the C5 X, comfort and interior space prevail above all else, being the clear reference in its class in both aspects.

Until now available in a 130 CV gasoline version or a 225 CV plug-in hybrid version, today we focus on the arrival of a new plug-in hybrid drive that aims to make the C5 X cheaper and become the best-selling configuration in the range. To achieve this, Citroën combines a 1.6 Turbo gasoline engine, an electric motor, an 8-speed gearbox and a 12.4 kWh battery, resulting in a hybrid scheme with 180 CV of powerable to make 62 km of electric autonomy and therefore get the ZERO emissions labela particularly interesting badge now that the ZBE zones come into force in many Spanish cities.

At the moment Citroën has not communicated the official prices for this new 180 hp hybrid engine, but these should be around the 44,000 euros before applying aid and promotionswhich could leave the final price quite close to 40,000 euros. In addition, the C5 X is characterized by offering a endowment of abundant equipment from its access finishfinding digital instrument panel, multimedia system with 10″ touch screen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, LED headlights, front and rear parking sensors, trunk with electric opening, dual-zone climate control and a multitude of driving assistance.

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