It’s not a kart, it’s an Audi R8 with 1,700 hp… and it barely has a body

The car that is starring in this article began its life in 2012 as an Audi R8 GT with a 5.2-liter V10 engine. To its owner, the 560 hp of its original Lamborghini engine seemed scarce, and for this reason, he contacted Underground Racing in 2014, which fitted the V10 with one of its well-known twin-turbocharger kits. The result was a car capable of developing powers of up to 1,700 hp using competition fuel. However, to its second owner, the dose of power choked him.

Only six days after acquiring it, he had an accident with the car, possibly due to its excessive performance. The blow affected the front of the car, but also the sides. The car ended up on Facebook Marketplace: a worker from the body and paint shop where the damaged vehicle was stored was handling its sale. LeeC Parts, a company specializing in the dismantling and recycling of sports cars and supercars, acquired itwith the intention of disassembling it and making a profit with its components.

Its R tronic gearbox is reinforced with high-quality machined components, as are its differentials.

However, discovering its mechanics, its good condition and the potential of its modifications, they decided to rebuild it and make it a different machine. And almost organically, when going to repair his bodywork, they decided it would become a kind of mega-kart. The most striking thing is, without a doubt, the absence of most of his body panels – damaged in his accident. The panels have been replaced by tubular structures, which not only provide protection, but also give rigidity to the whole.

Its front is perhaps the most striking part. This stripped back area has the headlights from a 2020 Ford Mustang GT, while the top headlights come from a trailer. Carbon fiber wing mirrors were formerly mounted on a Honda S2000. A carbon fiber splitter has also been installed at the front. The dashboard and rims are stock, and it even has a working stereo. The seats are Recaro bucket seats, and a new roll cage has been installed inside.

With conventional fuel, the power map limits power to about 1,000 hp.

At the rear, all the mechanics are in the air, and the turbocharging system is striking. We don’t know how much weight has been saved with these modifications, but everything indicates that the power-to-weight ratio is around horsepower per kilo. The car has already participated in several acceleration events, and oddly enough, it is registered and can be legally driven on American roads. I laugh out loud just thinking about circulating in this way on the roads of Spain.

Of course, according to the video recorded by That Racing Channel, its benefits make it a terrifying machine.

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