Jac Sei 2: opinions and common faults Why not buy it?

the mark of chinese cars Jac entered the Mexican market in 2017 with a range of 5 products aimed at covering the segments with the highest demand. One of these cars is Jac Sei2is currently the Cheapest SUV in Mexico. Now, as it is possible to find in different sources on the web, This model has a number of common flaws that have given rise to various negative opinions..

In this article we review the most frequent complaints regarding this vehicle and tell us what are the reasons not to buy it.

Jac Sei 2: Common Engine Faults

Jac Sei2 engine.

This model comes with a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine that makes 111 horsepower and 107 pound-feet. This power is sent to the front axle with a 5-speed manual transmission or a CVT automatic.

Jac also offers an electric Sei2 model, with a 123 hp and 199 lb-ft engine, which comes with a 42.8 KWh battery. The autonomy is between 302 and 400 kilometers, depending on the chosen driving mode.

If we review different user forums on the internet we can find common faults in the engine of this vehicle. A user comments that, in his new vehicle, the check is constantly on on the screen. Then he says that when he passed the scanner, it detected a problem in cylinder 4.

Another user reports that in Sei4, which already has 50 thousand kilometers, he began to experience problems in cylinder 3. From what he says, the coil connector began to fail.

Likewise, another very common inconvenience reported by the owners of these cars is the engine screeching when acceleratingespecially when the car in its manual version is in second or third gear.

Finally, within this section, an owner of one of these SUVs assures that her Sei2 2023 model “jerks” when she drives it in automatic and at low speeds. In addition, the woman says that the vehicle turns off when stopped and the stereo automatically locks and restarts.

Jac Sei 2: common directing failures

Several users report problems in the address.

Regarding the steering or steering wheel, the most common failure has to do with a rattle. This has been reported by several users. For example, one of these owners says that when he heard this noise frequently, he had the vehicle checked, but both the shock absorbers and the pads were in good condition.

In the same forum, another user provides a clue as to what is causing this problem. As he relates, the rattle that occurs, especially when traveling on an irregular path, is due to the fact that the steering box cannot be adjusted (more than it already is). So this driver hears a rattle when driving and a thud when turning the steering wheel from right to left.

In the same vein, another owner of a Sei2 comments that, in his case, the steering box had already had to be changed twice because its design “is deficient”.

These problems suffered by users in Mexico have a very specific background in Chile. In this country, more than 1,500 Sei 2 units had to be checked for “insufficient tightening of the steering rack pinion shaft nut.” This has caused abnormal noises and a malfunction of the address, as admitted by the company that imports these vehicles in Chile.

Battery failures on the Jac Sei 2

Without the shock of energy provided by the battery, a car cannot function. Unfortunately, on the internet it is possible to find several users complaining about their battery performance on a new Jac Sei2.

We transcribe the experience of one of them as an example: “My new car was delivered to me on a Saturday. The following Wednesday I couldn’t turn it on. In a workshop, through a bridge, generate the energy to start the vehicle. It lasted only an hour. At the dealer they tell me that everything looks fine and that the only thing that can be done is to change the battery”.

Jac Sei2: problems with the air conditioning

Another common failure in the Jac Sei2 as reported by Mexican users has to do with the air conditioning operation. In this sense, an owner assures that at 10,000 kilometers your air conditioner stopped working and it just won’t turn on.

Instead, another reports that the heating function does not work. In this case, despite the fact that a motor is heard that turns on and off every so often, the equipment only blows cold air. The problem persists both in motion and when the car is stopped.

At the same time, another owner reports a problem that seems more serious. This person the air conditioning turns on and after a few minutes the check engine light comes on. Sometimes, he adds, other lights on the dashboard come on.

Other common faults in the Jac Sei2

Some owners of this vehicle experienced problems with the dashboard.

The problems with this vehicle, in addition to those already exposed, are diverse. In a forum, an owner comments that his boardFrom one day to the next, it stopped working. Instead, another person reports problems with the glass of a doorwhich cannot be raised or lowered in any way. Finally a third owner of a Sei2 also reports electric problems: In your case, the internal lights and the parking lights stopped working.

Opinions of the specialists on the Jac Sei2

In addition to what the owners of these vehicles say in the forums of sites with information about cars, on the Internet it is possible to find professional reviews of specialized media.

One of them points out that the Jac Sei2, with only 450 liters of space in the trunk, falls short of many of its competitors in the same segment. Another note published in a journalistic medium assures that, having only 2 airbags, this vehicle is not the one that offers the best security. Finally, in this same article they comment that the exterior design of the car is ordinary and not conspicuous if you consider your competitors.


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