Jeep CJ Surge concept: the prototype was presented at the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas (+IMAGES)

Jeep CJ Surge concept Of the brand Jeepis a prototype presented at the SEMA Show 2022 In Las Vegas. Completed by the sports accessories division of Stellantis.

Jeep CJ Surge concept presented as a prototype in Las Vegas

The Jeep CJ Surge concept is the new prototype that has been shown to the public at the SEMA Show 2022 in Las Vegas. Thanks to the sports accessories division of Stellantis, Mopar, who concluded this prototype, the classic off-roader that updated its interior with a V8 engine under the hood, under an electric conversion or retrofit.


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This model has devastated everything because it uses a powertrain under electric conversion.


It has a scalable 400 V electrical module, which offers up to 200 kW of power or 272 CV. It is attached to the model’s chassis with the help of specific brackets, designed so that customers can transform their classics into electric units. The new technology transmits the power of the electric motor between the two axles, through a two-speed transfer case.


Power is provided by a 24-module, 50 kWh lithium-ion battery that has its own casing. The charging point is located behind the driver’s door,


Mopar indicated that it is a true off-roader, since it has Jeep Performance Parts Dana 44 axlestires Black Rhino Solid 18″ and off-road tires B.F. Goodrich 35″ in diameter.


The Jeep CJ Surge concept prototype It has a kit that increases the height of the body by 5 centimeters.

It has bumpers Wrangler J.K. Rubicona winch warn headlamp, updated LED headlights and body color painted Copper Canyon with gloss black and Surf Blue accents. It has custom seats and a steering wheel, with the center console of a Wrangler JK.

It is not yet known if it will go to production.

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