Journalist Javier Risco exhibits alleged abuses of Uber Mexico “You peeled it, Uber company, I’m not going to cancel”

The journalist Javier Risco exhibited alleged abuse of Uber Mexicoindicating that he would not pay for the service.

Journalist Javier Risco annoyed with Uber Mexico

For users of transportation apps, the uncertainty of whether the designated driver will arrive or not is common.

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This was reported by netizens who agreed with the journalist Javier Riscoafter sharing a tweet in which he indicated that he will not cancel the application trip Uber which contained a waiting time of 51 minutes.

“You screwed up, @Uber_MEX, I’m not going to cancel. May this Saturday begin with a victory with coffee in hand”, the radio host wrote alongside some screenshots.

In the comments of said publication and in general tweets, netizens indicated that they usually deal with drivers who do not want to cancel their trips and make them wait too long.


“The new one with DIDI. I asked for a normal trip, I was going with my boyfriend. The application tells me that the trip is only for women, I write to the girl telling her that a man is going and she asks me to cancel, but I never asked for that type of trip. It was like 10 minutes until she canceled.” indicated another user.

The applications constantly maintain complaints of this type. “It’s already shot per trip. Of the last 4 ubers I’ve taken, 3 have done the same thing to me.” indicated another user of the app.

“I did not cancel even though he was away for just over 2 hours”, the political scientist wrote Xavier Marquez.

Cancellations usually resort to monetary reprimands to who cancels the trip. Users or drivers can cancel a trip whenever they like, but it should be noted that they may have to pay a certain amount in this regard.

These amounts are used to compensate the time of use of the application. It is required to request a trip only if everything is ready for it and thus avoid setbacks.

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