Karely Ruiz suffers a spectacular car accident on the way to a party

The young influencer commented that she was on her way to start her birthday celebration when the spectacular accident occurred that left her truck overturned.

It was through her Instagram stories that the famous influencer and model of Only FansKarel Ruiz, He informed all his followers that he was on a road trip with a group of friends when he suffered a car accident, so that the truck in which he was traveling overturned in Tamaulipas.

Shortly before reporting the accident, the young woman had announced in her stories that she was on a walk

“What we did not want to happen, here it is, everything turned around”, The Monterrey native is heard saying while the image of the overturned truck can be seen.

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Hours later, Karely announced her whereabouts again through her social networks, assuring that since she was in Tampico, Tamaulipasadding the description: “The net I feel happy for everything, and at the same time I realize that I have to learn to send people to chsm, bye”.

or to start with his birthday celebration, which will be next Friday, October 28.

Despite not having confirmed the fact, apparently Karen is fine.However, her followers are alarmed and waiting for the young woman to confirm that they were only material damage.

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