Lamborghini Gallardo With Toyota 2JZ . Engine

We’ve seen literally all kinds of engine swaps and many of them have the legendary 2JZ as the star of the show. We’ve never seen a Toyota engine under the hood of a Lamborghini, and that’s why this new video caught our attention. It’s an absolute monster with (half of) Lambo Gallardo body and in-line six-cylinder engine behind the seats.

This 10 minute video is from Supercar Suspect active channel Youtube and took us to the Street Aero tuning shop. The brains behind this crazy project explained all the little details and how he needed to extend the Lambo frame to fit the engine. A completely custom-built exhaust is also required and – as you can see – there is a large turbocharger that feeds the factory.

If you look at the car from the outside, you might get mixed feelings. The vehicle looks almost unfinished but many commenters on Youtube found this crazy display quite interesting. It’s like a Mad Max car designed to terrorize every other car on the track. The interior follows a similar approach with a visible tubular roll cage and a custom steel dashboard.

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However, what is the purpose of this stripped-down design? Low weight, of course. The Gallardo’s creators can’t give exact figures on its weight but believe the vehicle is much lighter than a regular Gallardo – “it feels like a go-kart,” he even says. The heavy diet also includes a full carbon fiber front bumper and other body components made from the same material.

Is it difficult? Very. The car owner says it took eight times the budget he initially thought and he and his team had to rebuild the engine three times before even putting it in the Gallardo. The entire project took two years from A to Z and premiered to a SEMA audience last year. The last time the car was dynoed, it showed 1,100 horsepower.

Headlights from a Jeep Wrangler, suspension components visible from the dashboard, and other amazing things (or terrible?) ideas can be seen in the video.

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