Lamborghini has sold all its cars until mid-2024

The brand Lamborghini It has sold all its models of sports cars until mid-2024.

Sold all lamborghini cars

We all worry daily about the global economy and the constant rise in inflation. Nevertheless Lamborghini is celebrating its most successful year to date.

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The Italian brand sold 7,430 units during the first nine months of this year and is on track to beat its 2021 sales record of 8,405 models sold. The Lamborghini Urus It continues to be the most popular model of the firm with some 4,834 units sold this year. And the lamborghini sian follows the footsteps.


“For sure we will be ahead of this number”, said the executive director Stephen Winkelmann a ABCNews. “We don’t have any slowdown in sales. Every month we sell more cars than we can deliver.”

Winkelmann He added that he applied to a strong order bank to help the firm maneuver through 2023 despite economic challenges.


“We already have a waiting period of 18 to 19 months for a new car,” said. “We are selling more cars than we are capable of producing.”

Winkelmann indicated that sales will be stable from next year while it updates its line with substitutes for the Fan and the Hurricane.

The successor of Fan It will be the first car to arrive, with a hybrid V12 engine, for which it has received 3,000 orders.

Supply shortages and chip shortages did not affect manufacturing as much as they had anticipated.

“It is a constant challenge, but so far we have managed not to lose any production capacity…in fact, we have increased our production capacity.”

“Also the war in Ukraine was affecting us a bit at the beginning because we have a large supplier in Ukraine but thanks to their courage and dedication this was solved and we recovered all the delays that were happening in the first days of the war. We do not have great limitations in terms of the supply chain. We never had the problem of parking cars with missing parts.”

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