Lamborghini Huracan is used by Italian police to transport two kidneys

In May 2014, Lamborghini donated a Hurricane to the Italian State Police and three years later he repeated the gift. This second vehicle was recently used to transport two kidneys of patients at hospitals hundreds of miles away.

It was the same police force who shared images of the event and the medical equipments They made the most of the small cargo space of the supercar.

The supercar traveled from Padua, in the north of the country, and made its first stop after 168km to deliver one of kidneys to a hospital in Modena.

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Later, the Hurricane continued its journey to Rome where another patient was waiting for the transplant. This means that covered an additional 401 km.

Through social networks the Italian state police said:

“Traveling on the road to deliver the most beautiful Christmas gift: life. Thanks to the special Santa of the State Police, two people received a kidney. The organs were delivered by the highway police officers who, aboard the Lamborghini Huracán, delivered the two kidneys to hospitals in Modena and Rome.

In the shared images they show how their small trunk could contain a portable fridge with two kidneys. It is nice to see how the Huracan is used for a good cause, as the manufacturer intended when he made the donation.

In addition to the typical police car livery and roof lights, the car had a on board defibrillator and a recording team with a video camera to control the actions of the officers.

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