Lamborghini will launch its first electric car in 2028 for Europe, making way for synthetic fuel

the signature Lamborghini will bring its first electric vehicle to the automotive market for the future year 2028 in the Old Continent, opening the way to the synthetic fuel.

Synthetic fuel will be part of the automotive industry in Europe

The time has come for a brand as iconic (and above all exclusive) as Lamborghini to begin its transition process to electric mobility. The Italian manufacturer is no stranger to the changes that are taking place in the European automobile industry.

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The firm is developing its next electric models. Soon you will see the first Lamborghini fully electric.

Although before a model arrives with a battery electric propulsion system, the firm will bet on the plug-in hybrid technology (PHEV).

The successor of Lamborghini Aventador It will arrive equipped with this type of mechanic. A technology that will also bring the range of Urus.

The project will be achieved through technology developed by the Cluster volkswagen. Although this will not be the end of the Lamborghini with fuel engine.

Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Lamborghinistated about the specifications for the models. Winkelmann noted that the electric car will not be the successor or replacement of current models.


Winkelmann described it as «a fourth model that will be more useful for day to day. That means a 2+2 two-door car with more ground clearance.”

Winkelmann indicated that the model would be produced with the help of the Volkswagen Group and took as a reference the Urus: «Synergies of the Volkswagen Group like the ones we already had with the Urus».

Rouven Mohr, Lamborghini Technical Directorindicated that:

“Some of our fundamental pillars from a technology point of view fit perfectly with the electric world. If we talk about the integration of carbon fiber functions, the integration of the battery with the chassis, this is something that allows you many more degrees of freedom from a design perspective in the sense of aerodynamics.

The brand will allocate approximately 1,800 million euros in its strategic electrification plan.

Winkelmann you want the internal combustion engine to last as long as it can on the market. “We don’t need to decide now, we still have some time. After 2025, once the entire range is electrified, we will have to make a decision.”

Mohr, considers “very interesting” synthetic fuels and confirmed that they remain in contact with porsche: “We are in contact with our colleagues at Porsche because they are leaders in this at the Volkswagen Group. It will remain a kind of niche. But for a sports car, racing applications, also for the part of the car fleet that is already on the market, why not?

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