Land Rover Defender against Toyota Land Cruiser, the painful and penultimate fight of the 4×4 World Cup Diariomotor [EP10-11]

Second and last semifinal of the Diariomotor 4×4 World Championship. Knowing that the Mercedes G-Class will be the car that will be waiting in the final of this tournament, today face Land Rover Defender and Toyota Land Cruiser Limited to be in the long-awaited final that will discover which is the best SUV in the world. But beware, today’s video brings us an epic duel full of obstacles, risks and excitement, because in this confrontation we will see two of the best SUVs compete that the market offers today.

As already happened in the previous semifinal, the level of the participating cars is such that any elimination will always mean a great loss. In this duel today one of our 4×4 colossi will say goodbye to us forever, which will undoubtedly be a great loss, although in return it will allow us to give way to a final of true heart attack where we already anticipate that the best chapter of this world.

Our first contender today is a Land Rover Defender that champions the reinvention of an off-road classic. Land Rover has transformed its off-road analog into a vehicle in keeping with the current SUV fashion, also providing it with all the weapons and solutions that technology and engineering allow today. We must not get carried away by its luxurious interior or by the new family vocation, since the Defender boasts an air suspension capable of bringing the free height up to 291 mm, central differential lock, reduction gear and what is possibly the best control of off-road traction that we have seen in this world championship.

In today’s duel we will see the two cars with the best traction control on the market to do 4×4

In front of the Defender, Toyota will contest this semifinal with the Land Cruiser in Limited version. The SUV par excellence of the Japanese firm to honor its history, having already shown that it is one of the most capable and robust machines on the 4×4 market. Even so, as it happens to the Defender, the passage of time has also led the Land Cruiser to opt for a more luxurious and familiar vision, which has not meant giving up a free height of 215 mm, lockable center differential, differential Torsen rear, reducer and a traction control amply capable of off-road driving.

Only one winner can emerge from this semi-final matchup, which is a real shame, but in return it will allow us to see an epic duel today and an even more epic duel in the final.

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