Large number of sports cars that were flooded by Hurricane Ian are being auctioned at Copart

Great deal of sports cars that were flooded by Hurricane Ianare being auctioned in Copart.

Copart auctions cars that are reflected as a total loss due to Hurricane Ian

If you were looking for a Ferrari 458 Spider economical or a Challenger Hellcat Blackout you can find it after the hurricane in Florida.

You just have to go to Copart one of the car auctions in florida and acquire the one you want at a low cost. The problem is that they will be units that were unfortunately damaged due to the passage of Hurricane Ian, which left destruction in its path.

Your Dreams Of Flood-Damaged Exotic Cars Are Drying Up On This Florida Lot

If what you are looking for is a Jaguar XK from 1954 or a Porsche Taycan Turbo with less than 3,000 miles you will surely find them, along with other models of cheap sports cars

Models abound Ferrari and likewise the Bentley they were swept away by Ian’s eye.

You can also find a spectacular BMW 850 CSI of 1994, a large quantity of Audi Quattros Y Porsche Racing.

Almost all models are classified as total loss due to flooding, wild title.

On current models there is a sensor for everything from exhaust temperature to door locks, communicating with a computer.

The biggest obstacle to running flooded cars is electronics

The problem with these flooded cars isn’t drying them out, it’s getting the electronics working again.

The engine, transmission, rear end and other parts have been inspected and will probably be rebuilt. The truth is that it is not worth buying a car in these conditions, because you will have to pay a fortune to fix it, even if it is cheap to buy.

The National Insurance Crime Office has a free database where you can search for that ferrari california cheap, flood damaged, stolen or salvage if insured.

Another place to look for free information is For less cost they will give you an accident and repair history. start at

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