Leonardo Farkas will auction luxury cars and other products for a charitable cause: see everything here

Leonardo Farkas will auction objects for a charitable cause
Image courtesy of Biobiochile – Leonardo Farkas will auction objects for a charitable cause

On the afternoon of this Friday, December 16, the objects and prices of part of the heritage of Leonardo Farkas which is will auction in order to support a charitable cause.

The tycoon donated his Italian-style mansion, located in Lo Curro, from which the funds will be obtained to support the Home building for vulnerable families, through the NGO Desafío Levantemos Chili.

The catalog corresponds to the property, which also has the original objects it contained as well as other belongings of the Chilean magnate, which he himself decided to incorporate into the benefit auction.

Leonardo Farkas will auction mansion for charity

The 1,900-meter residence with a large park will be accompanied by more than 400 objects that will be auctioned off one by one, from 200,000 pesos onwards, up to tens of millions.

Leonardo Farkas will auction his belongings for a charitable cause

In the catalog you can find everything: Victorian furniture, original works of art, luxury cars, boats, carriages and even clothes from the 2023 season. The sale will take place on December 17 and 18.

Specifically, this Saturday morning the first 140 objectscorresponding to: rugs, jewelry, watches, tapestries, lamps, sculptures and chandeliers.

Others will be finished off in the afternoon 86 itemswhich will be the works of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Roberto Matta, Jules Hervé, Pedro Lira, José Balmes, Adolfo Couve, Guillermo Lorca, Thomas Daskam and Jaime Bendersky, among others.

Leonardo Farkas will auction luxury cars for charity

Meanwhile, on Sunday the 236 items remaining. Among them, luxury cars, a motorcyclecarriages, watercraft, ornaments, indoor and outdoor furniture, cutlery and silverware.

Among the objects that stand out are an Italian crystal pendant lamp that starts at $48 million; a pair of 19th century silver chandeliers, $20 million minimum; a Mercedes Benz 380 SL convertible starting at $36 million; an antique one-horse carriage with a minimum of $7.8 million; and a 19th century bronze telescope at $1.8 million minimum, but not working.


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