Liux Animal, the Spanish Tesla that you can buy in 2024

A new car manufacturer is born in Spain and it does so with an ambitious – perhaps too much – plan to manufacture large-scale electric cars by 2024. This new brand is called Liux and its first car is the Liux Animalan electric car that promises to stand up to models like the Tesla Model 3 or the Polestar 2 with a purchase price that will start at 39,000 euros. Is it possible to manufacture an electric car like the Liux Animal in Spain by 2024?

There are already many times that we have seen the birth of a new car manufacturer in Spainprojects that arise brimming with illusion, but that over time have only left behind unfulfilled promises and large debts: AD Tramontana, Spania GTA, Izaro Motors, Tauro Sport Auto, IFR Automotive, Hiriko, Bóreas, etc.

The Liux Animal is possibly one of the most interesting electric cars we’ve seen, but seeing it on the streets in 2024 seems very difficult

But from Santa Pola (Alicante) we echo the birth of a new car brand whose objective is to produce solely and exclusively electric vehicles, also doing so in a sustainable way. This new brand is called Liux, was born in 2021 and has already presented the first prototype of what it claims to be its production car.

Liux’s Made in Spain electric car

Under the name of Liux Animal we find an electric car with an attractive design that gives life to a Shooting Brake type bodywork with 4.65 meters in length. This car is based on a own platform made of aluminum, using different fibers and polymers to give life to the bodywork and interior, also using massive 3D printing to simplify and lower the cost of production. Although this first prototype presented clearly anticipates what the production car will be like, it is clear that we are dealing with a model at a very early stage of its development.

From a technical point of view, the main attraction of the Liux Animal is the use of a battery located under the passenger compartment floor that allows its capacity to be modulated on demand. Even so, in the Animal configurator two battery capacities are offered with estimated autonomies of 300 or 600 km, although it is not detailed if these estimates are under any homologation cycle such as the European WLTP. The propulsion is provided by a single electric motor that drives the rear wheels with a power of 190 or 240 hpreaching a maximum speed of between 180 and 200 km/h.

For 39,000 euros the Liux Animal will have 190 CV and up to 300 km of autonomy

Liux has not confirmed who will supply each and every one of the components involved in the propulsion train, as well as the specifications that the car will offer once it is approved, however it does speak of a production target 50,000 cars per year by 2026 with the first deliveries to customers for the first quarter of 2024. Now available for reservation through this Web page, Purchase prices range from 39,000 euros for the cheapest Liux Animal (Habitat Edition) to 54,000 euros for the most capable version (Wild Edition).being able to reserve a unit with a previous deposit of 200 euros.

Is the Liux Animal viable?

Although the Liux project is interesting for all that the Animal promises in terms of benefits and price, the truth is that we are assailed by numerous doubts as to its viability. First It is striking how little time Liux works with to have a series production car on the streetsalso taking into account that the car presented now is little more than a model and that the first cars have not yet begun to be produced and tested. In fact it is unknown when the production line of the Animal will be ready for mass production.

Secondly, it draws attention lack of information regarding the propulsion system, especially its origin, considering that the battery will be by far the most expensive element of the Animal. In the same way, taking into account the target purchase price of 39,000 euros, the commitment to the intensive use of 3D printing, the latest technology in equipment and sustainable materials is nothing short of ambitious.

Therefore, although we wish Liux all the luck in this journey, it seems unlikely that the Animal will be able to fulfill its roadmapor at least fulfill it according to the times and prices announced at this time.

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