Luisito communicates that a Lamborghini was damaged in Dubai and had to pay for an expensive repair

Luisito Comunica damages a Lamborghini in Dubai and pays $20,000 in repairs

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The content creator Luisito Communicates was recently in Middle East, not only in Qatar for the World Cup, but also in Dubaiplace where he lived a negative experience after rent a Lamborghini and left with a debt of $20,232.

It was the vlogger himself who recounted his experience on social networks after driving the sports car. It all started when he made a deposit of $6,000 to rolling through the streets of Dubai, in addition to handing over your passport.

The rent came with a clear warning: “In any crash situation, call the police, they go, file a report and that’s it”.

This was what happened to Luisito, who had a slight accident with a bump, but He didn’t take it seriously.

“In the Lamborghini I don’t see a limit and I don’t suck. The blow did sound hard. I get out of the car, I inspect it and the truth is I see that everything is fine. I don’t know, he did an event for which I had to call the police ”, said the Mexican who considers he was not driving at more than 60 km/h.

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However, the carelessness caused a problem when he went to deliver the vehicle to the lessor’s employees, who explained that, for not reporting it, he would have to pay the expenses.

Below, in the parts, well, under the doors, on the sides, well, it does have a tremendous scratch on both sides”, described the influencer.

The agency requested a deposit of 10 thousand dollars for repairs, an amount that he could not pay because the security of his cards was activated. This situation jeopardized the Mexican’s departure from the country, who did not have his passport.

The solution was to pay 9 thousand dollars at the moment, but with the promise to pay the rest of the arrangements as soon as the final price was available.

Back in Mexico, Luisito Comunica received an email from the owner to request the payment of 20 thousand dollars.

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“We didn’t even really enjoy the experience of driving that vehicle. Uncomfortable, very expensive, it gets hot with everything, delicate ”, lamented the content creator.

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