Man denounces that agency has not delivered his car after paying 9 monthly payments in Torreón, Mexico

After making several payments after the agreed delivery date, a man reported that an agency in Mexico did not want to deliver his car.

Have passed nine months from the moment a young man identified as Eric Garcia signed a contract with a car finance company located on Paseo La Rosita and Paseo de la Moneda in Torreón. In said agreement it was established that After paying six monthly payments, they would deliver your car.

For this reason, after several months had passed since the scheduled date, the young man’s concern began, since the car never arrived.

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In this regard, he decided first to go to the company to request an explanation of the reason for the delay of the car, to which those in charge of the financial the young man was informed that the car he had applied for had allegedly already been discontinuedwhich is why he had to start a new procedure to change the car, but a change of payment of a differenceHowever, the new vehicle has not arrived either, despite the fact that Erik keeps his monthly payments on time.

After not getting consistent responses from the company, Erik sought legal advicesince the financial company with which the contract was made is in breach of the agreement that had been made while those in charge of the place the only option they offer is telephone the headquarters to try to reach an agreementeven though nine monthly installments have already been deposited, which is why Erik had no other option but to go to Profeco.

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