Man tries to spoil parked patrol, but ends up overturning with his Scooter (+ Video)

What happened to the driver of this scooter It is the clear example of karma. The young man tried to destroy a police car in the north of Welsh and he got what he deserved.

The incident was recorded in a clip, where a police patrol is seen parked on a wet urban street in Wrexhamwhen suddenly a man appears on his scooter going directly to the car.

There is no sign of the police officer, so the scene is set for the vandals damage the car and get away clean. However, this is not what happens.

As the man approaches the vehicle, he kicks the right-side rearview mirror, which shatters and hangs limply, as if another car had struck it as it passed by.

That kick cost the driver his balance, as he ends up falling from the vehicle, after his front tire skids, dragging on the road. The cyclist is not wearing a helmet, but he is lucky to fall with his arms outstretched, avoiding hitting his head.

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The corpulent subject after receiving the impact tries to stand up and leave on his scooter but when he puts it in position, the seat falls. At that point, a colleague has to come to the rescue, grabbing the seat and some pieces of the broken vehicle from the floor while the humiliated vandal flees.

For now, the vandal has not been identified, but the Welsh Police are requesting help to find his location. He underestimated the strength of his spaghetti legs, causing more damage to [su scooter] than the police vehiclesaid the officer Luke Hughes.

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