Man who stole a motorcycle and ran over a pedestrian is handed over by neighbors to the police in Barcelona, ​​Spain

A thief was discovered and arrested by a group of residents of Sant Andreu after he took a motorcycle and ran over a pedestrian.

the neighbors of Sant Andreuin Barcelona, ​​forcibly detained a thief who was caught by the community at the time of steal a motorcycle in Barcelona and, shortly after, while driving the stolen vehicle ran over a pedestrian in the Barcelona neighborhoodat which point witnesses arrived to hold him.

According to details reported to the press, the Barcelona City Guard He arrived at the scene of the events, at the intersection of Virgili Street and the Rambla del Once de Septiembre, at noon. According to police sources, they got the notice around two in the afternoon. The patrol, upon arrival, identified the perpetrator of the outrage who was being held by neighbors.

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On its Twitter account, the organization spoke of the importance of “citizen collaboration” in this event, which has been «determinant” to make the arrest. Police sources have explained that the individual confessed to the agents, at the same time of the arrest, that he had stolen the vehicle. This fact was confirmed shortly after, when a complaint filed by the owner was recorded in the files of the Guardia Urbana.

The pedestrian hit around two in the afternoon suffered minor injuries. Nevertheless, he did not need to be transferred to a hospital and was treated by the neighbors who detained the motorcycle thief who caused the accident in the Sant Andreu neighborhood.

The images of motorcycle thefts in Barcelona have been increasing. In fact, during this month of October, videos of alleged thieves loading these vehicles in vans on the sidewalks where they were parked, in the heart of the city, were broadcast on social networks.

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