Man wrote on the rear window of his car “I already signed the divorce”

A man has gone viral in Costa Rica, after he celebrated his divorce with a quirky message in the rear window of his car, which was decorated with balloons.

According to, the car belongs to Paul Fields a subject who walked the streets of downtown carthage with the phrase “I already signed the divorce ” during the afternoon of last Saturday.

The man held a dialogue with the aforementioned media, explaining that it was a “Divorce process that took more than three and a half years, where communication was very complicated.”

He also acknowledged that “when I was signing it was such a great sense of undoing. It was releasing a load from all these years that was killing me, My health was deteriorating, it was very tiring».

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The protagonist maintains that now he can spend more time with your childrenbecause it went from “being able to see them two weekends a month, now being able to see them one day during the week, vacation periods and others«.

«This Wednesday is my birthday and that will be my greatest gift, because it fits with their visit, every Wednesday. That is why signing it was a feeling of relief and releasing a burden that had me depressed, ” added.

He also noted that the intent of the message was “tell the people here he diedand that it was framed in a ritual that included a visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, and then to the cemetery where his mother is buried.

Regarding its viralization, he said that “It has been incredible, they have no idea how there are people writing to me and asking that I hope I can talk to their children who are in the same process to tell them not to give up, at some point everything happens and it will be solved«.

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