Mansory revealed its own Maserati MC20 with a body made of forged carbon fiber

Mansorythe German tuner returned to the ring with a mix with the presentation of a mAserati MC20 modified last week.

The vehicle features an underlying design of the MC20, but Mansory has sullied it by adding all kinds of forged carbon fiber trims. The front bumper has been replaced and now has open air intakes that look ready to inhale anything that comes their way.

It also features sharp leg-slicing dive planes that sprout in front of the wheel arch extensions, and Mansory tweaked the hood vents.

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Huge air intakes feed the V6 3.6 liter twin turbo tuned up, now pumping 710hp Y 627 pound-feet, with a revised block boosted outlet and a new four-pipe exhaust system. The Car And Driver portal indicates that it can reach 100 kmp in 2.7 seconds exceeding the 3.2 seconds it takes the standard model. While the top speed is 205mph.

As for the rear, it’s dominated by a spoiler, which rises behind a carbon-fiber engine cover and functions as a double-deck diffuser to improve downforce.

The tuner upgraded the suspension and the wheels are 21″ in front and 22″ in the rear.

The Mansory MC20 is less subtle on the inside with its yellow body, quilted pattern that extends from the seats to the floor and walls of the footwell. The tricolor stripes represent the Italian flag, they say present in the center of the seats.

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