Max Verstappen drives a Honda HR-V in the middle of a field in a new commercial

Max Verstappen drives a Honda HR-V in the middle of a field in a new commercial

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Sling partially told the F1 at the end of the 2021 season. This is because it maintains its support agreement with Red Bull powertrains and expressed interest in the new regulations that will start in 2026.

From the 2022 Japanese Grand Prix, the Honda logo appears on the Red Bull and AlphaTauri cars, that is, they maintain a Honda and RB partnership.

In that context, max verstappen he starred in another Honda ad. Last year she was seen aboard the cute E electric car and the hot hatch Civic Type R.

The advertising inserted in the note presents a Honda HR-V sold in Europe, Japan and other markets. The version for the United States has a different design.

The reigning F1 champion gets the most out of the subcompact through corners like no other owner. After driving on a dirt road, the Dutchman decides to stop in the middle of a field to relax and rest. This will be for a short time, since he must return to work at the facilities of Milton Keynes in the UK.

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Viewers will notice the patent”MV33 HRV» as a nod to Max Mad’s initials and his personal racing number, which he’s actually been wearing since his kating days. Although after the Abu Dhabi final he finds himself wearing the “1”.

As for his car staff includes more exciting cars such as a Aston Martin DB11, a advantage and a DBS Superleggera. Reports claim that he bought himself a Ferrari Monza SP2 and a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, as well as taking delivery of an Acura NSX Type S.

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