McLaren Ensifera, a supercar designed to compete against Ferrari 296 GTB

Lamborghini and Ferrari they spent a lot of time selling mid-engined junior supercars, so they competed with each other and then, in 2011, McLaren joined the party. Now, the brands have changed the ranges, leaving models with different levels of performance: Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren Arthur Y Ferrari F8 Tribute.

Then there is the matter of Ferrari 296 GTBa model that is located between the F8 Tribute and the SF90 Stradale. This vehicle occupied a new segment, so it had no rival, and this is where between the McLaren Ensifera.

The vehicle is created by Dejan Hristov and it could be McLaren’s next hybrid model after the Artura. It has a radically different design to another McLaren model and would form the second pillar in the British brand electrification plans.

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The front fascia of nurse reminds us a bit of apollo IE, although much more subtle. The angular LED headlights and daytime running lights immediately catch the eye, as do the large air intakes and the prominent front splitter. It also highlights its front wheel arches.

On the sides it has narrow wheel spokes, aerodynamic skirts and uniquely shaped windows. The rear wheel arches take on a similar shape to the front, with prominent aero channels channeling air over the rear fascia.

The rear is the least conspicuous, with two center fins that sit in place of a traditional wing. LED taillights are also visible, as are dual tailpipes and a dramatic diffuser.

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